Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Louisiana Is a RED State
...and other rants

--Well, Bush has proven once and for all, even to the red states, that he's nothing more than a tool of big business and big money and couldn't care less about them penniless Negroes down in N'awlins and them other Negro, Podunk Gulf shore towns.

--His pudgy closet faggot mouthpiece Scotty Mc Clellan said this was not a time to point fingers.
If this ISN'T a time to point fingers, then there must not be one.

--True Christians, you know, the ones who equate Christ with peace and think all people are his children? Yeah, them.
They should sue Bush and his band of phony Jesus freaks for defamation of character and ruining their religion's image by co-opting and using the name of Jesus as a facade for being hate-filled, racist, xenophobic, war mongering, money worshiping, Saudi loving, bought-off, dirty fucking liars.
Now when someone tells me they are Christian and don't immediately add, 'but I can't stand Bush,' I just think they are either oblivious, dumb or just as evil and venomous as Bush and his crowd.
Bush proved he's no Christian this week. His God is money.

--Having volunteered lately with Hurricane Katrina evacuees who are primarily African American, keeping track of their kids is a lot easier when their names are not Azzelle, La Fawnda, Damore, Dionysseus, Shayiqua, Mohiquah, Tonika, Antonellique, Shakamalik and those damn 20 versions of the way they spell Shawniqua.
Holy Christ, at one point I was tasked with signing little kids into the recreation area, and when a 6-year-old is trying to write out his 30-letter first name and cot number in green Crayola, I get antsy as hell after the first five or 10 minutes.
Finally, I just grabbed the Crayola from the three dozen Shawniquas and signed them in with, "SHQA, Cot 912."

--Louisiana is a red state, and black voters were starting to lean toward the right.
Ha! Not anymore. Suck it, Bush!
And your manly mama, too!

--I shared a smoke break outside with one of the few white couples I'd met at the shelter. The man said- in his N'awlins drawl- that even though he was a union man, he had voted for Bush.
Then he took a long puff off his cigarette, exhaled and said, "But I tell you what, that old Bush needs to get his ass whupped for lettin' us standing up there on our roof two days.
"We was on the roof of a $200,000 house that costs about 12 dollahs now, and where was he?"
Then his wife said, "I never did like him and I never voted for him, and now (pointing at her husband) he knows that he was hoodwinked!"

--Several of the evacuees seemed freaked out to discover that many of the 90% white volunteers in San Antonio said they thought Bush was a crooked, lying, racist, too.
They were expecting all those Neo-Con Texas Jesus freaks to be there volunteering.
Ha! As if!
Texas Bush Christians do not work 9 to 5 jobs; they play golf and bark orders at their minions from their homes or cell phones. Their wives attend Al-Anon meetings in between flower arrangement and cooking classes.
They do not wade between acres of green canvas cots and pass out hair pomades, picks and clean jockey shorts to Negroes- that's something their husbands might send their mid-management level staff to do for one afternoon, but they'd better be wearing T-shirts bearing their company logos so the group photo looks good in their monthly newsletter.

--The parking lot for volunteers was not filled with Range Rovers, Benzes, Escalades and shiny new Ford F-350 pickups with V8 engines, but it was filled with 10-year-old Hondas and Corollas, a couple of Prius's, and several well-worn Escorts, Cavaliers, Neons and other middle to lower middle class rides.
Sure, there were a few nice SUV's and minivans parked there, because nurses and doctors volunteered by the dozens. But they weren't part of Bush's base, that's for goddamn sure.

--Everyone has seen Mayor Naglin and Governor Blanco speak out with great passion and forthright candor. Fuck P.C. platitudes! They cussed and they explained in plain language where and how the feds fucked up, got caught, then lied about it.
Who you gonna believe, them or the team who brought you stratospheric gas prices, faux WMD's, war with Iraq, deficits, global warming ignorance, stem cell is baby killing, the jury's still out on evolution, weakened National Guard response and the world's worst bureaucratic clusterfuck, the Department of Homeland Security?

--Hello, Media?
Time to start doing your fucking jobs again. Tell the truth and stop sucking Bush's ass. He's over. Time to feast on his remains, you chickenshits.
And Fox News? There IS NO good news to put a Bush-sunny spin on. The streets along the Gulf Coast are fetid, steaming, filthy streams of diseased, stinking SLIME.
Hundreds of thousands of people who earned less than $8,000 a year are dead, dying, sick or just shit out of luck. Report THAT.

-Hello, Democrats?
The time to stop being mealy-mouthed pussies is here.
Get off your passive asses and start PUBLICLY ripping some new ones with your GOP enemies. They have raped us and you've stood by like scared witnesses who "don't want to get involved" when the cops show up.
We can vote your enabling asses out, too, so start serving your constituents, stop letting the big business lobbyists teabag you, get up and do something!
When one side fights dirty and bribes the refs, either start kneeing their balls back and bribing your own damn refs, or get someone on the team who will.
I have had it with wimpy Democrats.
My vote goes to the man or woman who says, "Enough Bush lies and enough Bullshit. Vote for me and asses will be kicked."

--Some people tell me to calm down when I start getting political, even Democrats.
I tell them, fuck calm- our country is being destroyed and I am not going down without a fight.
I am pointing fingers just like I always have, but if you're a Blogger who's had it with Bush- skip the diplomacy and pleas for passive restraint.
It's ass kicking time in Blogland. Point some damn fingers out there.


CLD said...

Hillary Clinton called for an independent investigation into the failures of the Federal gov't with regard to Katrina today. Of course, pundits and WH flunkies are saying she's playing a political card. I think the fact that she's asked for an INDEPENDENT investigation should show she's not being political on this.

The Educated Eclectic said...

I am so posting this on my blog -

Thanks, KZ!

JimBob said...

Speaking of investigations...I heard on the radio yesterday that Bush stated that he was going to PERSONALLY head up the investigation into what went wrong...

Then the DJ laughed and said, "Dude, YOU'RE one of the people being investigated! You CAN'T head it up!"

Karen Zipdrive said...

I still don't see how Bush can sit down with balls that gigantic.

JimBob said...

I'm thinking it's not HIS balls he's using. He's using Rove's balls.

Karen Zipdrive said...

If that's the case, I hope White House Press Room penetrator Jeff Gannon doesn't get wind of it. Those faux Marines are jealous types.

in.dog.neato said...

fuckin a karen...

we've been having the exact same convos up here in duluth for the last few weeks.

i'd like to think that this will finally be the straw that breaks the camel's back...course i've been wrong before...as in the case with the downing street memo...(what memo? as i recall, they had to blow up the freaking subway and murder an innocent man with seven bullets to the head to make us forget about downing street.)

the poor (i.e., economically bereft) SOB's who voted for Chimp need to wake the fuck up and realize that Chimp doesn't give a flying shit about them and their piddly problems. they're tinkertoys compared to the tragic loss of Frist's house on the beach. (oh, the humanity...another rich bastard's house gone with the tide...)

if we're not doing all we can to get rid of Chimp and his incompetent cronies, we deserve all that's coming to us.


Karen Zipdrive said...

And let's remember, October marks the end of the special prosecutor's Karl Rove investigation.
Might be time to see that fat pink shmuck have to defend himself in a trial.

in.dog.neato said...

what investigation? that went the way of hoffa when katrina made landfall...talk about a prime opportunity for the world's largest coverup...

i had a big laugh when i saw that fathead's ugly mug on the news in LA talking about the horrors of the disaster...

no, he (rove) won't go down. he's made a career of ruining people's lives in the name of politics, therefore he's way too valuable. He'll prove to be an asset when this whole FEMA/Katrina/FUBAR investigatoin gets underway. look at McCain. this man survived one of the most horrific naval disasters ever (the big fire on the USS Forrestal back during vietnam...), only to be shot down flying a mission three months later and spending the next few years in a VC POW camp.

This man was a hero to me despite his Republican leanings. Enter Rove during McCain's run against Chimp during the 2000 election. All of a sudden, McCain was turned into a coward and his wife into a drug addict.

Three years later, McCain is standing right alongside Chimp (who never went to war because of his chickenshit leanings) while he speaks of heroism, Duty and Patriotism.

Join Bush or Die. (or live the rest of your life in disgrace at the hands of Chimp's slanderous henchmen, take your pick.)

Q: What do Iraq and Vietnam have in common?
A: Bush knew how to get out of Vietnam.

JimBob said...

I gotta agree. The repubes have just been waiting for an opportunity to sweep the whole rove thing under the carpet. Time will tell.

Dog - I like your Iraq/Nam joke. Took me a minute to figger out you meant "what's the difference", not "what do they have in common"...

in.dog.neato said...

whoops...ya got me there jimbob...not nuff coffee or something...