Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bank of UnAmerica?

We've probably all read about that door company in Chicago laying off its workers because Bank of America dropped the company's line of credit.
I clipped this from the Huffington Post:
"Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich announced Monday that he is asking all Illinois government agencies to suspend business with Bank of America. Blagojevich contended that Bank Of America received a multi-billion dollar bailout from the government and should accordingly restore credit to the Republic Windows & Doors company in Chicago."
Good for him.
I had my own little B of A fuck-up just last payday.
I deposited my pay check, drawn on a local WaMu account and it cleared within a day of depositing.
However, B of A put a hold on the funds for a week.
Why? The clerk mumbled something about the Patriot Act.
I went quietly berserk and demanded to see the bank manager, He was away at a bank managers' meeting. "He might be back tomorrow," the clerk said.
After I provided her with a copy of the cancelled check WaMu provided me, I told her to have him call me the moment he showed up.
He called the next day, cheerfully telling me "he was able to release the funds."
What the fuck???
Now I'll have to go to WaMu, cash my check, then go to B of A to deposit the fucking cash.
Bank of America, I have a message for you.
My tax dollars, along with millions of others' tax dollars, went toward bailing out your miserable industry.
Now you are obviously hoarding that money and it's UnAmerican.
Keep it up and I'll move my account to another bank, you chiseling sons of bitches.


Anonymous said...

Stands menacingly behind Karen, points finger and shouts "Yeah!"

We've had our share of bank fuck ups with the held funds. Seems like they're getting more quisling about it now with the bank failures, huh?


dguzman said...

My bank has been getting more and more asshole-y since all this started. I'm thinking of just pulling out my money and going cash/money orders all the way. I'm sick of these bastards.

Dawn on MDI said...

I so adore the way you are gentle in your persuasive techniques. Kick 'em in the nuts! Beautifully done!

I have my money in a locally-owned bank. Yes, it is a chain, but a chain owned and operated here in Maine. The minute they sell out to a big national bank, I'll move my (very meager) accounts to something local. I rarely get shit like that at my bank. I go in, they know my name, they know my business account names, I just hand them checks and they deposit them where I ask. I don't have to prove who I am or what my account number is unless it is a new teller, and then I don't have to do it twice. I like that.

nonnie9999 said...

my account wound up at b of a due to a series of takeovers. i worked for a bank which was taken over, which was taken over, etc. i never liked b of a, but i was too lazy to move my account. however, after a short while, it came to my attention that b of a adopted a new policy of not allowing their tellers to sit while they worked. they had to stand. the reason was pretty apparent--they wanted all of the older tellers to quit! i immediately closed every account i had, including my safe deposit box and my credit card, and went to another bank. i have never dealt with b of a again, and i was much happier for it (their service always sucked). b of a is still the closest bank to my house, but i wouldn't give them my business if they were the last bank in town.

p.s. is msnbc going to be a 24-hour-long commercial for jay leno? i am so sick of seeing his fucking face!

Lulu Maude said...

Well... Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has problems of his own. He was just arrested for trying to make money off appointing Obama's successor to the Senate.

So... he probably also didn't get much satisfaction from B of A on other fronts.

Did the B of A ever redeem itself after Viet Nam??

bigsis said...

Screw BofA and the rest of the big banks. Join a local credit union that's been around for awhile. They don't have all the whistles and bells (you can't design your own credit card) but its simple and my experience has been that they don't get into shit like the banks do.

And while you're at it, screw that loser Blagojevich for wanting to fucking sell Obama's vacated Senatorial seat. What the hell is wrong with these people???

Fran said...

Yea! Bail out of B of A.... they suck- you are stuck between 2 bailout banks & a hard place.

Anonymous said...

Funny none of the reshitlicans were around to fillibluster this bailout or crack their CEO's for showing up in private jets... not that the jets were a good idea but when it's an industry that might provide a union guy with a decent living look how these tapeworms will throw themselves on the floor to block a loan. Great blogging Karen, I'm sick of mine !!!