Tuesday, December 23, 2008

That's More Like It

Imagine a smart, buff president who's already tanned enough to risk topless photos taken of him in December.
Sure, Sarkozy and Putin beat him to the topless punch, but our guy is taller, more toned and probably a much better dancer.
With so much pressure awaiting him at the Oval Office in less than a month, isn't it nice to see the man can totally chill out on his vacation?
Isn't it nice to see this face and this bod representing We, the People?
Yeah, America is cool again, world.
We got this, relax.


Dusty said...

Wow, he looks about as relaxed as you can get.

He looks a lot more buff than I figured he would too.

dguzman said...


Randal Graves said...

How do I follow that comment up? Okay, here we go. Putin knows kung fu!

Fran said...

Obama is not tan, he's a black guy.
Yes, I am glad he & his family took off for the beach to relax before full fledged chaos sets in.

The Obama's asked the prez if they can use the guest house early, so the girls can get started in their new school-- the Bush a holes declined.
they have guests using it, so snubbed the Obama's, who will have to get temporary housing in the area in order to not disrupt the school schedule.

I have an idea-- since sure shot Dick stays in an undisclosed location....why not let the Obamas stay in the VP mansion?

They have to get a Shaman to do an exorcism before they move into the white house.

Anonymous said...

Two posts. Two t0pless photos. And this is in December. Pulp Friction is heating up.

Mauigirl said...


Thanks for the nice picture to cheer me on this cold day!

bigsis said...

Zip you seem to be into your faves topless on vacation. Can a photo of Rachel Maddow be far behind?

Does Putin really know kung fu?? LMAO

nonnie9999 said...

in the spirit of your last 2 posts, i will show everyone my boobs.


....oh, who the hell am i kidding? that's how they used to look. they look like this now....


karenzipdrive said...

LOL Nonnie! You're hilarious...

Watching MSNBC tonight I see there's a lot of hubbub about Obama being photographed in his swim trunks and topless.
First, they wonder where the Secret Service was.
Then they wonder if Obama was pissed that a photog "disguised" in a Hawaiian shirt was able to get such a close shot.
I say to hell with all that.
Obama's in great shape and he looks better in swimwear than any of the past presidents, including Kennedy.
And best of all, I noticed he's wearing the same black trunks he wore on vacation last summer.
This guy is too cool.
But now that I think of it, I bet a couple of Secret Service agents are getting their butts chewed out for letting anyone get that close to the Prez.
Note to them--step it up, boys, there are nuts out there.

Matty Boy said...

I'm a straight guy and I'd rather see Obama naked from the waist up than Amy Winehouse is the same situation.


Lulu Maude said...

Awww... I'm not all that interested in the First Titties. I'm glad he's in good shape, glad he eats right, but all the online slide shows of presidential pecs are simply too much information.