Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Beat it, Mofo, and don't come 'round here no mo.

I so wanted to sit down and do the proper research and create for my readers a compendium of 2008's nuttiest political moments, but the list grew so huge I became discouraged.
Besides, it's not just the last annum horribilis we are slithering away from; 2009 brings us the final days of the abysmal Bush years.
Compiling a list of Bush's greatest blunders would be easy.
Simply review the daily news headlines for the last 8 years and when you see the name Bush, the blunder(s) du jour will be apparent.
But everyone seems to be doing their version of listing the many ways Bush has failed, and I'm not sure I could add anything new to the mix.
As for 2008, Sarah Palin and her white trash family, John McCain and his nasty rich, lily white existence, Hell, Republicans in general were shown to be the sniveling scumbags they are.
Finally, even the dimmest Kool-aid drinkers seemed to wise up, connect the dots and vote most of these criminal GOP assholes out of office.
That leaves us a tabula rasa in America.
We have hope that a new, smart guy can help us wipe off the slime Bush and his chums have dragged us through.
We have hope that President Obama will end the war in Iraq, then quickly finish things up in Afghanistan and get us the Hell out of the Middle East once and for all.
We believe he'll start down the road of energy independence and encourage new technologies that won't cause Al Gore to lose any more sleep.
We can conceive of Obama having solutions to the looming economic depression, the crumbling infrastructure and sagging educational standards in America.
I am tired of feeling scared and sick of feeling angry at the way our government has screwed us for the last 8 years.
Eight years of Bush and 2008 make me think the number 8 is just not a lucky number.
Though I will miss the ironic, sardonic humor Bush and his goons have provided the media and us news junkies for so many years, I am willing to give it up for a few years of maturity, sanity and wisdom from our leaders.
I can tolerate political buffoons like Blagojevich because he's toothless, powerless and on the way out.
I can still delight in the foibles of Sarah Palin and her cast of clowns because Alaska hasn't got shit to do with me, plus she's been so discredited nationally there's no way she can ever climb much higher than the governor's mansionette in Nowheresville.
But for me, 2009 represents a glimmer of renewed hope.
I think we might be okay after all.
So happy new year, my friends.
May God bless us all.


Karen Zipdrive said...

P.S. Is it just me or do others think the "happy new year" will be delayed until the day Obama is sworn in and we are certain Bush is gone for good?

Gua said...

Let me be clear I pretty much agree with what you have written, but Afganistan and Iraq will not be easy to rid ourselves of. No country has been successful in Afghanistan and because we've been distracted/bamboozled with Iraq our chances for something that resembles success in Afghanistan are slim.
I will support our president 100% because he is going to need it!!

Dawn on MDI said...

Yeah - it feels like the celebration is mutes, sort of on hold for a couple weeks. God, doesn't that sound good - a couple weeks. That's all we've got left until this long national nightmare is over.

Gua is right though about Afghanistan. No western power (or eastern power, for that matter) has ever gone in and done anything quickly and successfully in Afghanistan. Obama would be wise to read about the Breshnev (sp?) years and how the downfall of the USSR was predicated on a long, expensive, and unsuccessful entanglement in Afghanistan. Go in, do what you can, declare victory, and get the hell out. But know that they've been mad for thousands of years and the actions of a single administration that can only last 8 years at the most, will have very little effect in their long-term holy war.

karenzipdrive said...

Regarding Afghanistan and Pakistan, here's the plan I offer Team Obama.
Use the multi billion dollar satellite technology we already have to search for a 6'6" guy hooked to a dialysis machine, traveling with a small entourage and a couple of camels.
Take great close-up photos so we can see it's bin Laden.
Then lock-in he and his group on video tape and keep the camera on.
Then send in a small Air Force jet (which we already have) to bomb the little group and kick in a few more little bombs within a half mile radius just to be sure.
Bin Laden is blown to smithereens. The explosion is on the video tape.
We win.
Bye bye.

bigsis said...

Yeah, the Afghanistan thing is going to create some problems for O trying to move our country ahead financially and otherwise.

But as Gua and all of us agree, we trust that O will do what needs to be done to keep the US our of harms way.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Obama may have a serene temperament but I think he'll be a cobra when it comes to not allowing America to be fucked with.
I trust him to find a solution that's as quick, cost effective and final as humanly possible.

nonnie9999 said...

before anything else, happy new year to all the zippites! may it be a happy and healthy one for all of us.

i think gua is correct that afghanistan is going to be a real bitch, but i have some hope. this might sound off the wall, but i think hillary as sec'y of state will put a new focus on women all over the world. of course, that didn't happen with condi, because she was too busy buying her fucking shoes instead of doing her fucking job. men have been in charge for too long, especially in places like afghanistan. if hillary can give women hope, perhaps they will feel more emboldened. i think women will be the ones to change the world. i think they will bring back compassion and common sense. it's not going to be easy, but i think that it's a start.

Karen Zipdrive said...

If I had a dispute with anyone and I knew I could send in a pissed off Hillary Clinton to knock on their door and ask what the fuck was going on, I'd feel a lot better about the dispute getting resolved.
I think the bad guys of the world know we no longer have a drooling imbecile and a bunch of old limpdick codgers running things.
We've got a Black guy from South Chicago and a woman with balls bigger than Texas calling the shots now, and that makes me feel safe.

bigsis said...

hee hee, "limpdick codgers" I like that one, may I take that line as my own?

Dusty said...

The new year doesn't start until Jan 20th as you note Zippy. ;)

Hope its the only thing we have right now..until the New Guy gets to park his ass in the oval office.

Anonymous said...

I'll definitely feel like there's some renewal after January 20th.

In the meantime, I want to wish you a very happy, healthy and peaceful 2009.

And I'm not teasing....

Matty Boy said...

Good post, kz. I wish it was a tabula rasa, because it looks more like an Aegean stable in need of cleaning.

Karen Zipdrive said...

True Matty, but Obama has lots of us willing to take turns shoveling.

Distributorcap said...

you called it my friend - the new year starts on 1/20 at 12:01PM -

i so hope this piece of shit goes off into history and is forgotten - but alas i also hope to win lotto. obama will need all our support to right any of the wrongs perpetrated by the bush crime family

and watch 2010 - and Jeb - dont fool ourselves into thinking this man wont win that Fla seat and wont try for the WH - and the idiots in AMerica vote for him