Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I love Dawn Johnson

This is definitely worth 6 minutes of your time to watch.
Those of us who believe Bush is a war criminal who flouted the Constitution and the laws of our nation think it's not enough to simply jeer at him as he leaves office.
I am happy that Obama's term promises a new beginning, but part of that new beginning should be cleaning up the wreckage from the Bush years.
Justice is called for, and without it there will be no new beginning.
Capitulating to Republicans by refusing to deal with the crimes of Bush and his cohorts would be a major mistake on Obama's part.
He needs to do the right thing by the American people.


Lulu Maude said...

If the Obama Administration prosecutes Bush-Cheney, I'll be in love forever.

I just can't imagine it.

But then, I've never been wildly imaginative.

nonnie9999 said...

i won't yet allow myself to believe that chimpy & co. will be prosecuted. however, somewhere deep in my psyche is the hope that the new improved justice department will do the correct thing and go after them. i hope obama and biden aren't saying that they will prosecute only because the justice dept. cannot be seen as being a political arm of the white house. it has to be independent. maybe that's why some on the senate seem to fear eric holder. at lease, i hope so. but, like i said, i am not going to hold my breath.

bigsis said...

After being used and abused by our government all these years, I no longer have the spirit to hope for true justice.

But if it happens it'll be the proudest moment in the history of the USA. If we want other countries to learn about democracy, prosecuting Bush and Cheney would be the ultimate lesson.

Dusty said...

Instead of the Hague prosecuting BushCo, it would be proper for The Big O's administration to do it.

But when does 'doing the right thing' ever factor into what any administration does?

Don't take me wrong, I want The Big O to succeed, I want him to make everything right that BushCo fucked up for eight long years...but I think he has the same mindset that Ford did about prosecuting Nixon...and I hated THAT deal too.

kzip said...

And look what happened to Ford.
As I see it, if Obama allows Bush to get off Scot free, I will no longer think of him as much beyond just another ambitious politician.