Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yay John Conyers!

Time to face the music, fatface.
Bushie ain't here to protect you anymore, scumbag.


Anonymous said...

What happened to all those fun posts about awful shoes. Has this blog forsaken everything in favor of the daily political bs?

karenzipdrive said...

Yes. This has always been a political blog with a little cultural stuff thrown in for my amusement.
If you'll go back in the archives during the early Bush years, you'll see how accurate I was about him, the war, etc.
Yet you think shoes are more important?
I suggest you start your own blog.

Julien said...

Hear, hear, KZ! Jeebus. This is the BEST place for the political news roundup in a succinct and completely prescient manner.

Fran said...

Maybe anon is confusing your blog with the fabulous princess sparkle pony who does indeed have a unique mix of politics & fashion- and yes- hair critiques?

As for Rove-- the puppeteer who even tired of bush & bailed, I'd like to see him behind bars.

But what took Conyers so long?

He made a lot of noise about impeachment- and is the House Judiciary Committee Chairman, and dropped the ball.

Better late than never.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I think Conyers realized early on that as long as Bush was in office, there could be no justice.
But now there can be no Bushian obstruction or pardons, so it's time to pick up the ball again.
And lob it right at Rove's porcine head.

Lulu Maude said...

Word on the street is that Karl's on the lam with his new disguise.


bigsis said...

I'm not informed about any of this because I consider it all a big tease. I can't tolerate them waving a big juicy delicious subpoena in my face and then taking it all away.

When I see Fat Head Rove being escorted into a court room, then I'll get interested again. Until then its all subpoenas interruptus for me.

nonnie9999 said...

i wanna see that fat fuck squirming in a witness chair like a big slimy slug. the talking heads on tv have been saying that executive privilege is defined by the person in the oval office, so karl and chimpy might not have that argument to fall back on anymore. here's hoping!

Fran said...

Karen~ That is a beautiful vision- lobbing the ball (of justice) @ Rove's head. Also an excellent point about no chance of justice happening under the Shrub admin.

Lulu~ Your photoshopped hair makeovers are a work of art. Rove with Blago hair raises the Ewwww factor exponentially!

bigsis said...

They need to be imprisoned for their unlawful deeds, period.

Matty Boy said...

It JAIL TIME for the Turd Blossom. Won't that be a little pick me up for us?