Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hey Republicans!

I'll keep this short and sweet.
You lost.
Stop trying to gum up the works. It makes you look like the clowns you are.
Please recall who fucked up the ecomony over the last eight years and save your horrible advice to the President.
And, yeah, John Boehner, I'm talking to you.


Lulu Maude said...

Great column in yesterday's NY Times from Paul Krugman, Nobel laureate in economics, poking holes in the Republican obstructionist arguments against Obama's stimulus package.

It is remarkable that they are still bleating their GOP cant, with all the damage their policies have done.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Their collective sense of entitlement precludes them from conscience or self-awareness.
It's like me arguing with you about grammar and refusing to accept or acknowledge your expertise.

bigsis said...

It irks the hell out of me to hear those bastards complaining about how Obama is going to screw up the economy! HUwhaat?

They're all complaining that Obama's stimulus is just a redistribution of wealth to citizens and not one freakin' word about the handout to the big dollar criminals/banks etc. Where's the horror from them about the fucking new $50billion jet Citi just bought with their bailout money?

I'm good with bipartisanship but only when both parties show some sense of sanity and integrity, neither of which the Republicans have shown. So I'm about to start sending out some crazy emails to tell them all to shut, what they call the fuck up.

nonnie9999 said...

let them keep flapping their gums. they look stupid, and they will pay once again in the next election. only those in safe rethug districts are being loud, but their stupidity will be associated with those in less safe districts.