Friday, January 02, 2009

Nutty Hubris in the Afterlife

Behold the pre-arranged final resting spot of Roland Burris, the loony loser Rod Blogojxyzw selected as the man to fill Obama's vacated Senate seat.
What kind of jumbo jet of an ego does someone have to have to create this type of grave site for himself?
Is this guy kiddin'?
I thought afterlife tributes like this were supposed to be created by loving heirs.
Could it be that Burris created his own because he worried that his heirs' estimation of him as a man could never match up to his own?
Whatever the case, the kind of ego that would be required to justify such an obscene self tribute is not the kind of person who should represent anyone but himself.
Guys like Burris are the types who pie throwers love to aim for. I just hope some enterprising pie thrower beans this jerk in the kisser before his 15 minutes are up.


FranIAm said...

WTF? That is so wrong at so many levels.

So wrong.



nonnie9999 said...

how anyone can believe that burris wants to go to d.c. for anything other than his own glory is beyond me. he's blago's willing pawn. blago has successfully changed the conversation. a brilliant political move, especially with the help of burris and bobby rush.

by the way, karen, google 'rolando cruz roland burris'.

Distributorcap said...

as the two fine ladies above said -- this is beyond ridiculous. blago and burris (along with coleman) are making a joke of the process - and that is exactly what they want to do

they should all eat shit

Karen Zipdrive said...

Though I realize it's politically incorrect to mention the old show, 'Amos n' Andy' in any context, this Burris guy reminds me of Algonquin J. Calhoun.

Lulu Maude said...

Dead is dead, no matter how big the monument.

Just sayin'.

bigsis said...

Sorry to be selfish about this, but this little fool is Illinois' problem. I can't imagine that he'd cause the Dems any national problems if they let him hold the seat for a couple of years.

We have shitty wars going on, the economy's fucked, our infrastructure is crumbling. I say let the old fart in to the Senate and let's get on with fixing the real problems. Besides, all politicians are egotistical bastards so Burris' shrine is no surprise.

GDAEman said...

If this monument was in California I'd be concerned about that car port looking thing up on the columns.