Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Write This Goofy Bastard and Give Him Hell

Just as America has ridden itself of one Republican asshole from Texas, up steps Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) to stick his blatantly partisan schnozzola into Hillary Clinton's confirmation as Secretary of State.
Oh, he said he planned to vote for her confirmation, he just wanted some "extra time to probe Bill Clinton's foundation."
What the fuck?
Hasn't this idiot figured out that America is sick and tired of Republican bullying, so sick they threw them out of office in droves? So sick they chose a Black man (heaven forbid!)as president over yet another white male Republican?
Please, though Cornyn makes it hard as hell to find his e-mail address without having to actually write the letter first, please ferret out his contact information and write him a scathingly hot letter protesting his partisan obstructionism. Then copy it and post it in my comments.
Here's the one I wrote him this morning, just to get you fired up:

Sen. Cornyn:

It is time to put away petty partisan showmanship and Republican grandstanding and serve all your constituents in Texas.
George W. Bush already embarrassed us Texans enough with his partisan bullying, and you see how far that got the GOP.
You dragging your feet on Hillary Clinton's confirmation as Sec. of State continues Bush's trend of GOP tomfoolery.
Your obvious partisanship has made the national news and, like Bush, you're embarrassing Texas.
You work for us, not the Republican party, not Karl Rove and not the disgraced former president.
Stop the partisan bullying. NOW.

Now you can do better than that, and now with Bush gone you no longer have to worry about jack-booted CIA or FBI goons showing up at your doorstep to arrest you as an enemy combatant.
Tell Cornyn the partisan game is over, and the GOP lost.
Do it now.


Suzy said...

He probably hates me about as much as I hate him since I write him about once a week - but he is truly a fucktard with this nomination holdup crap. I can only hope we manage to throw him out of office next time he is up for re-election.


Lulu Maude said...

Ironically, John McCain, having returned to his old self, spoke up for Hillary and moved the vote. She's in, and Cornyn's been put in his place.

Now that Bush is gone, perhaps the spell over McCain is broken.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Still, Lulu, Cornyn needs to receive an avalanche of mail telling him we saw what he did and we know who he is.
The more out of state mail he gets, the more he may realize that he is being carefully scrutinized by the whole country, not just Texas good old boys.

nonnie9999 said...

i would ask the moron how worried he was about chimpy's dad's liberry and its donors. how about the carlyle group that poppy is a part of? were there any hearings to determine if chimpy's decisions were being influenced by poppy's business dealings? was cornyn worried about chimpy's brothers' financial interests? where was his outrage then?

he can go fuck himself. nobody else wants to.

dguzman said...

I am so glad his little whiny threats amounted to nothing. I remember during the inauguration, Olbermann noted that Hillary was huddled up with Cornyn at one point. What do you wanna bet she threatened to cut his balls off if he didn't STFU? What a douchehat.

kzip said...

He's originally from San Antonio, so I've been reading about this macho milquetoast for far too long. Hard to believe his face has stayed so pale considering how many times he's jammed it up against Bush's dirty ass.

bigsis said...

Unfortunately I used to work for the pig and let me tell you Cornyn is a total climber,but not very bright. He's the R's new hit man and is in charge of getting the R's back in power at any cost. Since they can't rise on their own merits, they're going to try doing as usual, ie make the D's look bad. Now Cornyn's on a kick about Elder because he wants to be assured that there won't be any "witch hunts" that is, no one will come after any R's for war crimes and constitutional violations. As you all know, it looks like the UN is cooking up some plans for Bush the war criminal, with or without Obama.

I agree with Zip though, if anyone hears of any R's up to their old tricks, we all need to work to expose them immediately.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I'd be fine with the UN coming after Bush. In fact, prosecuting him on the world stage would be even better. More news coverage.

Sonia said...

I could write a letter and pretend it is from Pzris, Texas ???