Monday, March 16, 2009

Two Troubling Things

Dick Cheney needs to stay out of the limelight and shut the fuck up, once and for all. Nobody cares what he thinks of Obama, or what he thinks in general. The RNC said it all when they failed to even mention his goddamn name at their convention last year.
Take a hint, Dick. You're played out.
And like Dick, AIG needs to be shut down, their assets liquidated and returned to the taxpayers, their board of directors thrown into prison, and their fancy NYC building needs to be sold to NYC for $100,000 and turned into low rent housing for the homeless, artists, musicians, models and queers.
If Obama could simply arrest Dick and throw him into a Turkish prison's solitary confinement unit, and evict AIG and hand the keys over to people who need housing, what a wonderful start this would be.
Did I mention that Dick should shut the fuck up?
I did? Oh, good.
And if Dick hired me as his PR flack, the advice I'd give him would be to have that final, fatal heart attack. Now THAT would be the only brilliant career move he could make at this point, well, if you exclude suicide.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Well said.

bigsis said...

Its not enough for me that Cheney shut the fuck up. I want him to shut the fuck up in prison. Now we're being informed of Cheney's secret executive assassination commando unit officially called the “Joint Special Operations Command.”

They didn't have to report to anyone except Cheney. Basically they‘d go into countries, not talk to the ambassador or the CIA station chief, and found people on a list and executed them and left. All of this with Cheney's, and only Cheney's approval. Bush knew of it and approved the operation.

Finally some three-star admiral ordered a stop to it because there were so many collateral deaths.

Rick said...

Right On!
and Cheney really belongs in Prison Bush could join him but, at least Duba has the sense to keep is mouth shut

Karen Zipdrive said...

And let's also remember, we the taxpayers own AIG. As owners, we should fire each and every one of those slimeball sons of bitches who stand to make multi million dollar bonuses.
In fact, I think AIG should be dissolved, and let those banking crooks whose shoddy loans failed eat them.
The days of businesses being too big to fail should end.
Fuck all the giant banks, lenders and insurance companies.

Fran said...

We never heard from old Dick for 8 years when he was sequestered in his undisclosed location- Now all of the sudden he has something to say?

Go take yourself hunting Dick.

nonnie9999 said...

let the bastard keep talking. everyone hates him. let him be the face of the rethug party when fat bastard limpball is not around. let the moronic talking heads and the assholes in congress be forced to defend his idiocy. nobody will take them seriously, and they will be hated for defending the guy everyone hates. i hope he lands in jail, too, but until then, let him be useful in destroying the rethuglican party once and for all.

Lulu Maude said...

Dick can't have a heart attack, because he has no heart. That "condition" was made up as part of Republican PR.

zoe said...

Hey Karen

off topic, but here's an article about your favorite sushi place!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Thanks Zoe!
The photos were especially good, and that last dessert was the same panna cotta we had.
Only the soil is not chocolate and macadamia nuts, it's ground crystalized coffee and cocoa.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Nonnie, you're absolutely right.
Dick is a Democrat's dream come true.
Keep talking, gasbag.

HelenWheels said...

Ha!!! I love it.

And, since I'm obsessed with the unbelievable crap the corporate-owned mainstream media (ccmsm) is pulling these days, this just goes to prove that the CCMSM is in an all-out war against the Obama Presidency. Why else trot out old Dead Eye to frighten everyone? Why give Mr. 9%-Approval-Rating a platform to spew his nonsense, then fail to even challenge the bullshit he spews?

I hope the gasbag deflates and soon. Can't someone just change the frequency on his fake ticker?

KarenZipdrive said...

Actually, I think the MSM might be doing us a favor. By allowing Big Dick to bloviate to his heart's content without challenging his bullshit, he is emboldened.
Once he's on an unfettered roll and speaking his mind, we get to see what a delusional, sadistic, lying creep he is.
The more he says, the more can and will be held against him in a court of law.
So keep talking, Dick.
Keep insisting that torture and extraordinary rendition and secret assassination squads were perfectly legal, you fucking fuck.

dguzman said...

Amen, sister, especially about Cheney. Why can't his batteries just run out of juice already?

Distributorcap said...

cheney might be the one guy in prison that no one would want as tbeir girlfriend.

perhaps the most evil man ever - even worse than certain figures from the 30s

there is no way even Lynn ever let that dick near her