Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Uchi Part III: The Grand Finale

Our entrees arrived shortly after the bream sushi flavors started to dissipate.
We ordered two servings of Kampachi Ume, which consisted of delicately seared slices of mild Pacific amberjack, a tart, citrus ume ponzu, cashews, baby bamboo and Japanese cucumber, all done up in a shiso, which is light grapeseed oil infused with basil-like shiso leaves.
It occurred to me that Chef had already given us a free preview of this dish, so it was a treat to get to savor it all over again. This time I was able to take the time to discern the various components.
The next entree was Seared Nantucket Bay scallops, served with Japanese fingerling potatoes, golden raisins, a Japanese tangerine-like citrus called yuzu and slivers of green garlic. The scallops were sweet, juicy and firm, about the circumference of a nickel.

My sisters and one of their partners had never tried scallops before, so we got to watch them savor their first bite with sensuous disregard for anyone who might be watching.

After we devoured all three plates, we decided on dessert. Well, actually we decided to order three out of the four desserts that were offered. With it we also ordered coffee.

On came the waiter, carrying a tray with five miniature French press coffee pots. With it he served heavy cream and raw turbinado sugar.
Then with an inaudible trumpet blare came the desserts.
Holy Mother of All Things Holy; we gasped in amazement.
The first plate held a jizake creme caramel in a ginger consommé with a brown butter sorbet next to it. My middle sister actually drank what was left of the ginger consommé.
The second plate contained a gorgeous coffee panna cotta shaped like a giant egg. Inside was a mango "yoke," and the whole thing rested on a bed of coffee/cocoa "soil." Next to that was a smooth, white chocolate sorbet.
The third plate was my favorite, a peanut butter semi fredo with apple miso sorbet and ringo crisps. I really wanted to order three extra servings to-go, so I could eat it in privacy until I fainted, but I was afraid my older sisters would lecture me about being excessive.

As we left, I darted over to the door of the kitchen and waited until I saw Chef Tyson pop his head out. I ran up to him, passed him a business card and aimed for his cheek, but missed and kissed him instead on his little pink ear.
He's such a happy culinary genius. And apparently he's happy at home, too.
Here he is with his wife Rebekkah. No wonder his food tastes so damned good.


Dusty said...

Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful feast of gods with us. I hung on every word. ;)

I am quite green right now...envy..thy name is Dusty! ;p

Lisa said...

Wow. I'm so hungry for good food.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Uhh huh.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

His wife looks delicious and his food sounds like it is to die for.

nonnie9999 said...

as good as your meal was--that's how good your writing is. i loved this little series. i laughed, i drooled....

Lulu Maude said...

Restaurant reviewer, Zippie--your next incarnation! You were made for it! Clip this for your files.