Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another 3-Point Shot, Nothing But Net

I may be a little miffed at President Obama for his inertia on gay rights, but in his press conference today, he masterfully silenced those who insisted he get more forceful about the Iranian elections.
When he chooses to make a clarifying statement on any topic, nobody does it better.
His words about Iran will embolden the protesters, diminish the credibility of the Iranian dictatorship that stole the election, and win the respect of people all over the world, all the while appearing to keep his hands off the outcome.
Good job, Barack.


bigsis said...

If "Moderate Democrat" means an open minded individual that makes informed decisions based on reasonableness and common sense, then put me on that list too.

Disagreement with President Obama on an issue doesn't mean we hate him. It means we need him to know the glbt community will no longer accept being treated less than equally. Civility rarely results in civil rights.

nonnie9999 said...

i was going to try to be nice, but screw it. that's bullshit, moderate democrat. what exactly do you want obama to say? do you think the iranians are sitting around saying, 'well, y'know, i'm pretty pissed off about the election, and i was thinking of going out to demonstrate, but i'm waiting to hear what obama says about the subject.'

this is not our fight. this is a grassroots iranian uprising that has to remain such.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Attention: Anonymous.
I delete idiotic posts, and bad spellers go to the head of that list.
Nobody gives a damn what you have to say about Iran, Barry Goldwater, Barak (sic) Obama or anyone.
You're stupid, you make no sense and you're wasting your time here because I always delete crap.
Get lost, pest.

Distributorcap said...

what exactly can we do short of invading -- mccain of all douchebags knows that if we open our mouths on iran it will make things worse

but of course no one in the media talks about this

ratings you know

Karen Zipdrive said...

The GOP of all people should know our armed forces are overtaxed to the max, so threats would be logistically impossible to make good on.
The GOP keep talking and making fools of themselves, which is good for our side but terrible for the country.
They should just shut the fuck up.

Fran said...

What I wanted was for Obama to speak out against the violence. I agree it is not our place to tell other countries how to run themselves (since ours needs some serious fixing of broken things itself!!!).
Also our country is not winning awards for non violence either.

The public denouncement of the violent response was what I was wanting. I really felt that by saying nothing about it, was in a way condoning it.

He delivered a good speech.

HelenWheels said...

I agree, I loved how he humiliated anyone who asked a stupid question designed only to inflame or provoke.

Loved it. Probably because I hate the mainstream media so fucking much.

Dusty said...

Yeah, I will give him props for his Iran comments. But thats about it lately.