Thursday, June 25, 2009

What the Fuck?

Two obituaries in one day.
Life is precious and short.
Let's all enjoy the time we have left.
RIP Michael, thanks for Thriller.


nonnie9999 said...

nobody saw this coming, huh? farrah's death was expected, but this came out of left field.

not to be disrespectful, but is there really no other news other than jacko's death? is the trouble in iran over? is the economy back on its feet? how bout that health care thing? thank goodness the media has nothing more pressing to cover than the death of an entertainer.

that said, r.i.p., michael and farrah.

bigsis said...

Michael and Farrah were so much a part of our culture that it feels like we needed to spend a little time mourning their passing.

Unfortunately now we'll have to hear 24/7 about WHY he died and all the sordid details. I'm going to lay off of tv for the next few days, I heard too much a long time ago.

Dusty said...

BigSis..the idiot talking heads on the 24 hr news channels are driving me insane this morning. All they are talkng bout is MJ MJ and more MJ..rehashing the same damn shit every half an hour.