Tuesday, June 23, 2009

To My Regular Readers:
Beware the Horse's Ass

I have a particularly virulent anonymous commenter who has nothing better to do with his time than heckle my blog and my readers.
Please do not respond to this slobbering jerk-off who calls himself, "moderate democrat."
While I am online often enough to quickly delete his poorly worded, misspelled, illogical vomit, occasionally one of his blatherings stays on for more than a few minutes before I can get to it.
Rest assured, I will delete all his comments eventually.
Just don't give this lonely sociopath the attention he so desperately craves by engaging him in conversation.
It's like feeding a cockroach and hoping he'll feel grateful and leave.
Just relax and let Mama Zipdrive get rid of this equine buttocks. ;)


Karen Zipdrive said...

This anonymous asshole is more relentless than most sociopaths, so until he gets bored or his mommy comes home and makes him get off the computer to do his homework, I'm going to have to moderate comments for a while.
It's faster and easier than having one of my tecchie friends run down his isp so I can report his punk ass.
But that'll be the next step.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I know just how you feel. I've had to do this to a couple of idiots. Once people stopped commenting back and they saw I just deleted their crap, they went away.

Karen Zipdrive said...

See how fast I moderate?
It takes a real flake to keep posting after about eight posts in one day have been deleted.
Thanks, Monkey.

Fran said...

All Hail Mama Zipdrive!
You said you like Horses, not jackasses!

Randal Graves said...

Obama eets baybees!

- moderate democrat

Michael Hart said...

WordPress has a "Ban" plugin; it works by banning their IP, IP Range, host name, or user agent.
Kills cockroaches dead.
You can even see how many times they try to log on, and you can leave them a message; so every time they fail to log onto your site they must read, for instance: "Get professional help you ignorant fucking fuck."

Personally, I use an image loop of Rush Limpbot gyrating like a bag of puss. One Rushtard has made 97 attempts. God I love technology.


HelenWheels said...

Trolls and stalkers suck. I have exhaustive experience (you're lucky no one has built a marxist shrine to you on their wingnut blog ... yet) and you're definitely doing the right thing. Deleting them is the only way to make them go away.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Maybe I'm just not crazy enough to understand why anyone would want to waste keystrokes, knowing their crap would be deleted immediately.
File it under "Get a Life."

Dusty said...

You need to remember that the trolls are a few bricks shy of a full load.

My troll finally vanished..Praise Jaysus! He had the nads to bring up the first amendment..lmao!