Friday, June 19, 2009

Here's Bo Obama's Official Portrait

My bloggy pal Helen Wheels (See 'Just Ain't Right' on my blogroll) is upset that the Obamas selected a purebred dog as opposed to a rescue dog.
Assuming their decision was based on Malia's allergies, I can understand why they didn't want to risk a mixed breed's potential for allergens.
But damn, Bo is a cute pup.
From what I read, he's friendly but not well behaved and has issues with authority. I like that in a First Dog.
Barney Bush, like his daddy George W., was a prick. He bit and growled at people, like his grandma Barbara.
I love that the Obama girls lied their little asses off about walking Bo and taking great care of him.
I also love that Michelle complains that she's left to walk Bo and take him out to do his business. The best part of that is how many pics I've seen of White House staff doing that instead of her.
If I lived in the White House, I'd have a ton of puppies and kitties. I'd pet them and play with them, then call someone else to mess with their crap and litter boxes.
Every year I'd auction off a few of them for charity.
Who wouldn't want to own a First dog or cat?


Fran said...

They skirted the issue of where the source from which the dog was obtained by having it be a gift from Ted Kennedy.
The Obamas are said to have made a generous donation to an animal shelter foundation.
Bo may be too big for Malia to handle, physically, you know how puppies are. If he took off on a rowdy romp, she'd be like a balloon on the end of a string (the leash) if he kicked into a full speed run.
So she probably needs to grow bigger, and he needs to be trained & mellowed before she can really handle him.
Good thing Bo has a huge yard to run in.... this type of dog is high energy & needs exercise.

As for Bo having an attitude-- that is the way of Washington, eh?

HelenWheels said...

Such a cute pic!!! I love that he has an official portrait.

I love that dog, just like I'm nuts about all of them. I just didn't like the message getting a purebred made. I do work in the animal rights world, and am aware of the exhaustive work involved trying to keep poor purebred dogs from being tortured. If you saw how backyard breeders and puppymills treat dogs, you'd be mighty upset. I won't go into it, but it's heartbreaking.

And I thought if Michelle Obama can put on a designer shirt and then the shirt sells out the next day, why would puppy mills not jump on this opportunity? It's what they do because it's all about money. This kind of thing just sets us back in our fight, makes it harder.

But Bo is ADORABLE and yep, if he's got authority issues it shows he's a smarty. I grew up w/a poodle who looked a lot like Bo, so believe me when I tell you I think he's cute on steroids. Mopsey was super smart, too.

JimBob said...

My daughter says "what a cute pic."

Personally, I'm not a dog person. If I lived in the White House, I'd have one room full of alligators.

Toss in a Congressperson every now and then at feeding time.

And for dessert, a random right-wing religious zealot or maybe a mouthy conservative talk-show host.

nonnie9999 said...

bo is cute, but i love generic doggies (don't call them mutts!).

enigma4ever said...

he is sooooo cute...he almost looks like a stuffed animal...

I love that he is running around the his little tuxedo outfit ( that is what it looks like...)

most of all I love that he kept his promise to his girls....

( by the way I Love your letter to moveon down below...alright...gosh they sure know how to hound for money don't they ??? on another note I am moving your way in the next 6-9 monthes..)

bigsis said...

Hey, all the glbt community wants is for Obama to keep all his promises, not just the popular ones, like getting an adorable puppy for his daughters.

enigma4ever said...

okay now I just feel bad..

but as someone that grew up with parents that never kept promises..I just thought that was a valuable thing..for his daughters..sorry

Karen Zipdrive said...

Enigma, don't feel bad for feeling your own feelings.
You're moving to San Antonio? When?

enigma4ever said...

6-9 monthes...
trying to save money..
son wants to go to Film School there..
and college too..

( that is not too far is it ?)

Distributorcap said...

that dog is soooooooooooooooo cute. of course i would rather have had the obamas adopt a rescue dog - but ALL animals deserve a good home

and bo got the best