Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday, Blessed Sunday

Ahh, Sunday. What bliss.
After a frenetic period of activity that included a lot of men in my house moving and carrying and installing and grunting, I'm left only with the task of getting my washing machine fixed, and I can't get that done on Sunday.
So, off I go (in a few hours) to jump in a pool and let the water and the sun purify me. Maybe all the unpositive positive ions that've been clinging to me for too long will end up squeezing themselves into the pool filter only to be discarded.
My new stove is very faboo.
It's got an industrial feel to it, with big honking burners and a serious broiler. I tried it out on a grilled cheese sandwich last night, and I can see I have to get used to such amazingly fierce firepower.
I'll have to actually read the instructions before I use the oven, but I will, just not today because I'm going swimming.
And that's all I have planned for today. You?


Dusty said...

It's sports sunday for moi.. enjoy the pool dear heart. ;)

Dusty said...

New stove? I love the new stoves out on the market..industrial strength as you said!

JimBob said...

we got a new stove from best buy awhile back. they tried to deliver a dented one.

after a heated discussion between the delivery folk and my feisty wife (who took the day off to receive the stove) and then an ANGRY phone call from me to best buy mgmt...and with a little help from a better business bureau complaint...they quickly delivered an UNDENTED version of the stove we bought and a $150 best buy gift card.

i dig appliances.

have fun swimmin', KZ!

Sonia said...

I was in an open water competition and swam a mile with water 65°C cold - and it was raining, to top it all !!!
Now my muscles are aching and I am dreaming of a maragarita under the sun in front of a swimming pool;-)

Fran said...

I had a rendevous with 4 tomato plants we scored @ a community festival. They had 10 inch tall tomato plants for .50 cents each. Too good a deal to pass up. We grow them in pots because it is easier. So I got those babies planted & tended to a bunch of the rose plants. We had a hail storm blow through here last week that did a number on those babies. So I trimmed
and clipped & get them all spiffed up.

Now I'm going to the park pool because this does sound like a nice way to wind the weekend down.

Utah Savage said...

It's cold and pouring rain here. And my stove is older than you are. Now I'm both happy for you and wildly jealous.

nonnie9999 said...

i used to fantasize about men. now, i fantasize about new appliances and kitchen cabinets. i covet your new stove. on the other hand, you can covet my new washer/dryer!

it's been pouring here every fucking day for weeks! i did some grocery shopping and not much else today. too tired from the bday party i went to yesterday.

Distributorcap said...

it was hot here today and i walked to Chinatown.

is that a hockney painting?

Karen Zipdrive said...

It is a Hockney painting. Nobody does pools better.

Lulu Maude said...

We watched turtles with our young friends and their younger children. Turned the kiddies on to binoculars, ate peanut nutter sammitches and generally had a lovely time.