Monday, June 22, 2009

It Should Have Been America in 2003

You have to hand it to the Iranian voters.
When an election is stolen from them, they don't accept the word of their Supremes as gospel, they hit the streets and speak their minds.
Now the GOP is saying Obama should step up and say something in support of the protesters, as if the world has no idea whose side he's on.
Does the GOP ever get anything right?
Obama's right- we need to stay out of it and let their people handle their political issues. We know what happened last time we butted into Iranian business.
So, to the Iranian protesters, I say Allah Akbar!
Finally, a group of people gave Twitter a legitimate reason for being.
Good for them.


nonnie9999 said...

the rethugs need to learn one simple lesson--not every fucking thing in the world is about them! this is a grassroots uprising by the iranian people. it has to be theirs and theirs alone or it will be for naught. rethugs need to shut the fuck up.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Amen, Nonnie.
That sore loser and all around egocentric John McCain said, "This is not just about Iran, it's about America!"
No, John, it's about Iran.

bigsis said...

The Rethugs hate what's going on in Iran because they don't like democracy. If that pesky dissent catches on in the US they'd never be able to steal another presidential election.

JimBob said...

"that pesky dissent" LOL! HOW TRUE!

My poli-sci prof was fond of saying, "If voting could truly change anything, it would be illegal."

He was a bit of a cynic.

I heard that some areas of Iran actually had more than 100% voter participation.

HelenWheels said...

It should have been America 2000!! When the shrub stole the election. If only. .... :(