Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh, Goodie Goodie!

MoveOn.Org wrote to me, asking for money for some damn cause that wasn't about my biggest cause: full rights for the GLBT community.
There was a place to make suggestions, and here's the suggestion I made.
If you decide to do the same, send it to me and I'll post your letter here.

Dear MoveOn Friends,

I and many of my friends in the GLBT community are growing increasingly disgusted with the president's inaction on the campaign promises he made us about eliminating Don't ask/Don't tell, DOMA and other issues.
As a self-proclaimed "fierce advocate" of GLBT rights, as it stands he is to the right of the state of Iowa and Dick Cheney.
His recent, watered-down gesture, the memorandum about partners of federal employees, is weak for obvious reasons.
Until he starts making serious strides on our behalf, millions of GLBT people will consider ourselves conned into voting for, donating to and campaigning for just another phony politician who'll say anything to get elected.

Karen Zipdrive
San Antonio, Texas


Distributorcap said...

you go!

so true........

nonnie9999 said...

isn't it disgusting that the only way to make people in politics listen is to withhold money from them?

bigsis said...

I'm holding out hope that Obama will work out because he's all we have. But I'll stay as neutral as possible until I see some positive action on his part for the glbt community.

As always, money makes the world go round and its the one language all politicians understand.

HelenWheels said...

Well done, KZD! I am also supremely disappointed. Who the hell would he alienate by making good with his promise? The wingnuts? Fuck them.

JimBob said...

Agree with bigsis. I'm hoping and hoping that he comes thru with SOMETHING, ANYTHING that redeems my faith in him.

It's getting harder to defend Obama where I work, surrounded by loud-mouthed Repubelicans.

Fran said...

I had to make MoveOn, move out.
They started sending way too many e mails, then started getting very aggressive about asking for money not for other causes, but for themselves.
I've moved on!

bigsis said...

I've MovedOn too Fran, and they don't bug me much now that I've sent a dozen response emails that my purse strings are shut to Obama until he kicks in with support for the glbt community.