Saturday, June 13, 2009

San Antonio's Cool New Mayor

Meet Mayor Julian Castro, a Stanford educated progressive and attorney.
I've met him, his identical twin Joaquin and his mother, and he's a fine young man with a good sense of humor.
Finer now that he's proclaimed today Gay Pride Day in San Antonio, plus he's agreed to be the Grand Marshal in the Gay Pride Parade on July 4.
Oh sure, the ringwing crackpots don't like it, but they don't like anything, so screw them.
I'm just kinda happy that my homeboy Julian joins the state of Iowa and Dick Cheney on the far left of Barack Obama in terms of gay rights.


Fran said...

Whoah! That last line caused me to do a double take!
Did I really just read what I thought I read???

"The State of Iowa and Dick Cheney on the far left of Barack Obama in terms of gay rights."

Holy Crap! It's TRUE!

HelenWheels said...

He's quite dishy as well!

Yay for progressives in government!

And yeah, Obama needs to stop kowtowing to the religious (f)right. Can't really figure out why he does, now that they have so little power. Tells me something else is going on. Who knows what.

Lulu Maude said...

A cutie, into the bargain.

nonnie9999 said...

he's handsome, too! any choice he'll be running for a statewide office sometime soon?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Youthful San Antonio Mayors tend to use it as a platform for higher office.
Former Mayor Henry Cisneros became U.S. Commerce Secretary under Clinton until his dick got him into trouble (along with some dicey business practices).
Julian's twin is a State Rep. and used to be a city councilman.
So, yes, you can probably bank on seeing more of him.
I hope so, he's smart and very well-mannered.

bigsis said...

We desperately need a powerful Latino in Texas to wipe out the current red necks in charge. He's so damn cute though he gives me the bi-sexual shakes so I can only imagine what he does to straight young women and all the gay men.

If he can keep it in his pants and not get into any dirty financial dealings, this could be the beginning of the end for R's in Texas because Latinos have the vote, they just need a candidate.

JimBob said...

HELL YEAH! I have the same high hopes with this guy that I HAD with Obama.

Although I appear to be in the serious minority here when I say I'm not physically attracted to him...


Karen Zipdrive said...

Look to Joaquin to blaze the trail first, since he's already a state rep.
They are both pretty cool.
Once during Fiesta (like Mardi Gras), Joaquin was supposed to ride on a parade float and he didn't have time so he sent Julian instead.
A few people caught on and they were just adorable when they got busted. The whole city thought it was pretty damned funny.
And the Mom is a real ballbuster. She's old-school Mexicana with her little old lady dresses and her stern face, but she sent both her twins to Stanford, come hell or high water.
I sat next to her at a banquet and Julian was right next to her. She suffers no fools gladly, and it took me an hour to make her smile.
Julien is very polite to her and catered to her every wish. I like that in a son.