Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thanks for the Crumbs, Bro

Oh gee, after Obama fucked the gay community by Bushing out on us with DOMA, now he's throwing us a bone by issuing a memorandum tomorrow (NOT an executive order) stating that partners of gay federal employees will get the same benefits as straight partners.
Why is that not a big deal?
I'll tell you why.
I used to be a Fed, working at the local VA hospital on the Director's staff.
Homophobia was rampant, so much so the closeted gay director was the target of constant derision, gossip and general snideness.
The idea of coming out in that atmosphere without a federal guarantee of non-discrimination toward all gays, a Federal employee could ask for the same sex benefits, get them, then be made to feel so uncomfortable they'd rue the day they ever came out.
These pissant half measures, especially this wimpy gesture Obama's making to atone for his DOMA embrace, are not enough.
If he lacks the balls to make sweeping changes to decades of GOP oppression now, while the minority GOP is deeply wounded, is he really so arrogant he thinks he can fulfill all his campaign promises during his second term when he's a lame duck?
Has he become so convinced of his Superman status that he thinks the queers will spend time and money trying to get him reelected in four years?
Guess again, bro.
Next time the Democrats call or e-mail me for more money, I can't wait to tell them why my purse is sealed shut.
If we queers can pay pennies on the dollar in taxes in exchange for partial rights, that's fine, but as long as we pay 100 percent of the same income taxes the straighties pay, we need 100 percent of the perks.
If I wanted a spineless liar in office, I could have campaigned for a Republican.


Fran said...

Ya makes a good point here. I like that theory.... partial rights, partial taxes.

I can't believe this alleged Civil rights champion is failing these basic equal rights issues.

Karen Zipdrive said...

In today's New York Times, it said the memorandom "may not include full insurance benefits for same sex partners."
Then why bother?

Randal Graves said...

One should only vote for Kucinich, or the nearest dead person.

dguzman said...

I'm with Randal.

This shit's enough to make me give up on voting and following politics. I'm sick of these people.

JimBob said...

I have always joked about writing in Ozzy or Alice Cooper for prez.

Maybe it's not such a bad idea for next time...

Karen Zipdrive said...

Ozzy's not an American and Alice Cooper stopped being cool sometime in the 80's when he had to use makeup to look that creepy.
Can you pick someone who's actually nice to look at?

HelenWheels said...

I'm not surprised at the cavalcade of disappointments as I figured Obama was a centrist early on, but at least he wasn't McCain't.

I think he's just caving to the powers that be, and nothing really is going to change in his administration.

The only way this country will get real change is to get progressives in office, and that means gutting the Dems as well as the GOP. And the people better hit the streets one of these days before they've stolen our last penny.