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An Astrolgical Look at the Survivor All Stars

My pal Katie sent this to me after someone sent it to her. It's slightly stale because it was written before they dissolved the Soboga Tribe and merged them into the two other tribes. I thought it was sort of interesting. Credit goes to whomever originated it. I edited it a bit for added clarity.

CHAPERA (Red Tribe)

BOOTED: ROB C ~ 10/20/78 ~ LIBRA ~ CARDINAL AIR ~ Year of the HORSE


TOM ~ 10/30/54 ~ SCORPIO ~ FIXED WATER ~ Year of the HORSE

ALICIA ~ 5/1/68 ~ TAURUS ~ FIXED EARTH ~ Year of the MONKEY

AMBER ~ 8/11/78 ~ LEO ~ FIXED FIRE ~ Year of the HORSE

SUE ~ 8/17/61 ~ LEO ~ FIXED FIRE ~ Year of the OX


SUN SIGNS: 1 Capricorn, 1 Taurus, 2 Leo, 1 Libra, 1 Scorpio

ELEMENTS: 2 Fire, 2 Earth, 1 Air, 1 Water

MODES: 4 Fixed, 2 Cardinal, 0 Mutable

CHINESE SIGNS: 3 Horse, 1 Monkey, 1 Ox, 1 Rabbit/Cat


Chapera is the tribe that is half and half introvert signs (Earth and Water, Rob M, Alicia, Tom, ) and extroverts (Fire and Air, Amber, Sue, and Rob C).
Chapera notably has FOUR Fixed signs, and two Cardinal movers and shakers--the two Robs. No Mutable/go with the flow players.
Chapera has THREE out of six players born in the Year of the Horse. Horses are charmers who seek love connections; they are keenly aware of their own image and impact on others. Rob C, Amber, and Scorpio Tom make up this libidinous trio.

While the spec is that Rob M. and Amber become a couple, and they may, I can see Rob C going ga-ga over Amber. We would expect this of Rob anyway, but Libra men have a special weekness for Leo women. I know a couple Libra men who never fall for anyone but Leo women. Some end up happy (if it's mutual) and others end up suffering from unrequited love.

In any case, I could see this tribe as the one with the most Eros floating around where the men are concerned, with the focus on Amber. Which is not to say that Saboga's Jerri and Jenna may not be trying to seduce Ethan. But again, Ethan is rumored to leave too quickly.

SABOGA ~(Yellow Tribe- now defunct)

ETHAN ~ 11/12/73 ~ SCORPIO ~ FIXED WATER ~ Year of the OX

BOOTED: RUDY ~ 1/20/28 ~ CAPRICORN/AQUARIUS cusp ~ Rabbit/Cat

RUPERT ~ 1/27/64 ~ AQUARIUS ~ FIXED AIR ~ Year of the DRAGON

JENNA L ~ 7/16/77 ~ CANCER ~ CARDINAL WATER ~ Year of the SNAKE

JERRI ~ 9/5/70 ~ VIRGO ~ MUTABLE EARTH ~ Year of the DOG



SUN SIGNS: 2 Capricorns, 1 Cancer, 1 Aquarius (2 with Rudy), 1 Cancer, 1

ELEMENTS: 3 Earth, 1 Air, 2 Water, 0 Fire

MODES: 3 Cardinal, 2 Fixed, 1 Mutable

CHINESE SIGNS: 1 each Ox, Rabbit/Cat, Dragon, Snake, Dog, Rat


This tribe is heavy with the "introvert/passive" elements of Water and Earth, or emotion and pragmatism. Mixed together, these make mud.

Rupert stands out as the Airy (social) idealist. He is the oddball of this tribe, but the difference he offers may be what is needed to uplift and inspire this group.

Saboga's strength is in practicality and empathy; its weakness is that only Rupert has a strong sense of the good of the group.

Cardinal signs like to get things started: Jenna L., Tina, and Rudy (but Rudy is Fixed too, being on the cusp).

Ethan and Rupert are fixed signs and more likely to get with one plan, probably initiated by someone else, and stay with it.

Jerri the Mutable player has the ability to change with the "flow."

Ethan, Scorpio, is loyal but paranoid and suspicious. Trust, as we recall, is an "issue" with Ethan. As an Ox he bears burdens and provides, is conservative. He has a lot of Scorpion charisma, to which the 3 women of his tribe should all be simpatico, as Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn all relate well to Scorpio.

Rudy, Capricorn, is an old goat, conservative, out for himself. As an Aquarian cusp, he identifies well with a group (Navy SEALS), so Rudy is complicated. As a Cat/Rabbit he has charm and loyalty, but is somewhat pessimistic and insecure.

Rupert ~ Not only a visionary Aquarian but a Dragon ... this makes him a natural leader, brash, center-of-attention, an initiator, a motivator of the troops. He may be admired for his passion and vision, and resented for his bossy me-me side. Most Dragons don't FEEL bossy or arrogant when they act according to their fiery nature, and are hurt that people see them that way. Dragons are loyal and idealistic and consequently feel betrayed rather easily when others act in their own self interest.

As a Fixed sign, Rupert's strategy suffered previously from a tendency to stick with initial loyalties and not to adapt quickly enough to shifting dynamics. He may have learned better but it still goes against his nature to switch if sticking will work for him.

Jenna, Cancer, is maternal, nurturing, sensitive, humorous, but also dynamic, being a Cardinal sign. She seeks security and money means more to her than to most. As sign of the Snake, she has intelligence on her side. Her weakness would be sensitivity and emotionalism, also moodiness. Cancers tend to change with the Moon.

Jerri, well, we all know Jerri. As a Virgo, she has that tendency to criticize. The sign of the Dog feels responsible to be the watchdog of the group, and to bark when necessary. Dogs are friendly when stroked, but find it too hard not to speak their minds when they have something to say. Both Dogs and Virgos find it nearly impossible to hide their mood when they feel irritable. Dogs are temperamental, loyal, trustworthy, dogmatic, have a hard time trusting, and embrace the cause of the underdog. They have a keen sense of justice and "fairness."

Tina, Capricorn and Rat, has the qualities of charm, quick wits, observation, ambition, and the ability to always keep her own agenda in mind. If she is fated to go out quickly in this game, it's likely out of respect for just how much of an all around threat she could be.

MOGO MOGO ~ Green Tribe

BOOTED: RICH ~ 4/8/61 ~ ARIES ~ CARDINAL FIRE ~ Year of the OX

COLBY ~ 4/1/74 ~ ARIES CARDINAL FIRE ~ Year of the TIGER

LEX ~ 6/18/62 ~ GEMINI ~ MUTABLE AIR ~ Year of the RABBIT (CAT)


SHII ANN ~ 1/24/74 ~ AQUARIUS ~ FIXED AIR ~ Year of the TIGER


SUN SIGNS: 1 Capricorn, 2 Aquarius, 2 Aries, 1 Gemini

ELEMENTS: 3 Air, 2 Fire, 1 Earth, 0 Water

MODES: 3 Cardinal, 2 Fixed, 1 Mutable

CHINESE SIGNS: 2 Tiger, 1 Ox, 1 Rabbit/Cat, 1 Rooster, 1 Goat/Sheep

Mogo Mogo is the complement or opposite of the Watery/Earthy Saboga, having five members in the extrovert/outgoing elements of Fire and Air, with Kathy the only Earthy, grounding member.

Maraamu also had a lot of Fire and Air (Sean, Vee, Sarah, Patricia (fire) and Gina (air). They didn't work very well together on the survival/teamwork aspects, to say the least.

Cardinal signs Rich and Colby are the natural leaders here, although Colby has shown he has a sense of when not to be a Chief.

Airy Mutable Gemini Lex has excessive verbal energy, as we know. In Boran, Lex was the extrovert sign in a group with a lot of Water (Tom/Ethan) and Earth (Kim J, Kelly). In this tribe, he may not feel the need to lead because it's a group of extroverts. OTOH, Lex has some very compulsive control-oriented aspects in his chart.

Aquarians Jenna and Shii Ann will be most comfortable finding allies and sticking with them, but Aquarians also have a sense that they are different from everyone (the "different drummer" sign). We already know Jenna M won't be around all that long so we can sort of pass over her I guess.

This tribe has a ton of ego energy. Fire and Water makes Hot Air.

Then there is Kathy who worries about everything. Kathy was also the only Earth sign on Rotu and a misfit there, yet her anxieties helped Rotu (IMHO) get its survival act together.

It will be interesting to see if Kathy, an older-woman Capricorn like Tina, can bond with Colby. Texas-New England may not work as well as Texas-Tennessee though! In S2, Colby got along well with the other Aries males, Nick and Varner, but they were more his age than Rich.

This tribe has two dynamic Tigers, Colby and Shii Ann. Natural leaders, they are also subject to mood swings and bristling sensitivity.

Goat/Sheep Kathy is also hyper-sensitive and insecure, and needs her alone time, as is Rabbit/Cat Lex sensitive and insecure.

In fact the only one who is not visibly hypersensitive would be Richard, the Ox, although the Ox has an inner sense of loneliness, he usually acts very methodically and according to plan. As a fiery Aries, Richard has lots of potential for explosiveness

Another thing about the Ox, as with the Taurus Bull, is that they don't react well to being pushed. "My way or the highway" could be their motto. This applies to Rich, Ethan, and Sue, all Oxen.

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