Friday, February 13, 2004

So Many Topics, So Little Time

- Yesterday, newly elected Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsome hauled off and authorized the issuing of 95 marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples.
Especially touching was the marriage between longtime lesbian activists Phyllis Lyon, 79, and Del Martin, 83 , who had been together as a couple 51 years.
When I was a baby dyke, Lyon and Martin's political activism and their foundation of the lesbian organization Daughters of Bilitis helped me to accept myself and find my voice as a lesbian. Mazel tov, ladies, and thanks for giving me my lesbian backbone.
Message boards about the gay marriage issue on AOL reflect some frighteningly ignorant and hate-filled opinions. I believe it helps to illustrate why we need legislation to ensure our equality, much like blacks did during the civil rights movement in the 60's. Letting people vote on it isn't going to work any better than it would have during the civil rights movement, when blacks had to endure that "separate but equal" bullshit.
Fomenting further homophobia and hatred by endorsing a constitutional amendment against us is one more reason to oust that fucking idiot George W. Bush.

- I was thinking about the Bush White House this morning, and I realized that I couldn't recall any president in recent history whose cabinet members are so well known to the public. When a president is as weak and malleable to the will of his handlers (aka his cabinet) it's only natural their voices are so shrill and constant in the news.
Rumsfeld is as evil as any Simpson's character. Ashcroft is busting athletic trainers for distributing steroids, as if he has nothing more pressing to attend to, and Cheney acts like the Wizard of Oz, lurking behind the curtain. Then there's Karl Rove. When has an advisor ever been so publicly known? Even James Carville faded into the woodwork once Bill Clinton was elected. Condaleezza Rice is a sellout and a disgrace to women and blacks. And poor Colin Powell, it's so obvious he backed the wrong horse when he joined the Bush Mafia. His dejected facial expression tells the whole story.
Folks, we have to overcome the enormous Bush war che$t and spread the word via the Internet and in our day-to-day lives that Bush and his criminal band of
liars have to be ousted.
They have the money to come at us in every conceivable advertising medium and through despicable tricks like trying to link Senator Kerry with Jane Fonda.
Fonda came out and totally debunked the ham-handed attempt to cast Kerry as a Vietcong sympathizer. Fact is, Kerry served his country with honor, and if he
returned from Vietnam against the war, he earned the fucking right to voice his opposition.
I hated that war. The more I find Kerry hated it too, the more I like him.

- Bush has fucked up: the economy, America's global image, the environment, national security, employment numbers, exporting jobs to India and other third world countries, gay rights, immigration laws, privacy, freedom of speech and presidential accountability.
He's done something to virtually offend every one of us.

- Bush and his military record. That sanitized, mega redacted military record of that draft dodging alkie is bullshit. Payroll slips and dental records don't prove a goddam thing. NOBODY in the Alabama National Guard can be located who knew him. NOBODY. Ask yourself if you had any buddies in the military. Fuck yes, you did. That liar Bush can't name a soul, and a party animal like he was would have had reservist friends back then who could vouch for him today, BUT HE DOESN'T.
On the Sopranos, we have learned about no-show jobs, where gangsters are put on the payroll of construction or other companies to give the illusion of legitimacy. Cest le Bush!

- Fat, dead Dr. Atkins. That high pro/high fat diet is not healthy. Carbohydrates regulate energy and glucose levels, and we need them. Grains and other
complex carbohydrates are at the base of the food pyramid for a reason. Atkins died of heart disease as a fat man. 'Nuff said.
Here is my weight loss plan: eat less crap, move around more. Period.

- Barbie, Ken and Blaine. For God's sake, they are dolls. After this long, Barbie dumps Ken for Blaine? THEY ARE DOLLS. They don't even have genitals. It's just dumb and Mattel executives should be slapped. I am surprised the Christian right-wing fundamentalist wingnuts haven't flipped out about this. I mean, they stick their noses into my business, why not stick them into Barbie's dream house? Maybe that idiot Bush can propose an amendment making 12" fashion doll breakups illegal. Or wait- this sounds like a great new gig for that nitpicker Ashcroft!

- Friday the 13th. I always come into money on Friday the 13th. Yay!

- Valentine's Day. Eclair and I have plans to spend the evening together, but the exact plans are sort of wobbling around. We've both seen most of the L Word episodes so I may just tape them without sitting through them again. I was planning to cook, but now I am leaning toward taking her out to dinner.
What we do doesn't matter. What matters is how cool it is to have a brand new, pretty, sparkly eyed Valentine who doesn't like drama and does like to laugh. I hope everyone has as much fun as we intend to have tomorrow!

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