Thursday, February 19, 2004

Survivor Tonight!

Pearl Islands winner Sandra Diaz-Twine was on the CBS Early Show this morning, along with Thailand winner used car sleazeball Brian Heidik, to handicap tonight's round of Survivor.
Last week, past winner Jenna M. left the show voluntarily because she had a hunch her mother's cancer had worsened. Sure enough, her mom died a few days after she got home, so let's hear it for Jenna's psychic clarity.
With no immunity challenge or tribal council, everyone got a breather as the SloMo Faggo tribe lost Jenna as a member. That leaves only Shii Ann and Kathy as the only hens in the rooster house, unless you count Richard Hatch.
Poor Rupert. During the shelter building challenge he spearheaded the subterranean design that showed us Indiana boys don't spend a lot of time at the beach. Yeah, Rupert, when I'm at the beach I like to dig a hole and sleep in it so I can awaken buried in heavy, wet sand.
In tonight's show, a huge storm will be messing up the Survivors' last shred of serenity. That means we get to see some psychiatric problems! Yay!
Meanwhile, Boston Rob and Amber are getting hot for each other. We get to see some night vision camera action, with them spooning and Rob showing an almost lesbianesque, slow handed approach to Amber's head and neck. I don't blame
Rob- Amber is muy caliente!
Anyway, Sandra picked Boston Rob to win and Brian picked Shii Ann.
Shii Ann? Is he crazy?
I think Sandra called it about right.
Who'll do I think'll get the boot tonight?
Chapped Ass-a Tribe:
Bye, Sue.
Slo-Mo Faggo Tribe:
Adieu, Richard.
Sorebooger Tribe:
Jerri's gotta go.

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