Thursday, February 19, 2004

Banana Fanna Foe Fairy

I am not a Republican, so I am not as likely to spread unconfirmed rumors designed to eviscerate politicians I loathe, however...sometimes a gal's gotta make an exception.
Recently I have received a glut of e-mail from all over Texas, alleging that Texas Governor Rick Perry, hand selected by Dubya to succeed him, is in a divorce battle royale with his wife, Anita.
Allegations are that, not only is neo-conservative Republican Gov. Perry having a wild, passionate, juicy extramarital affair, the affair is with (drumroll) A MAN.
Not only is his alleged lover a man, the man is allegedly Texas Secretary of State Geoffrey S. Conner.
Rumor has it the Gov. has been cooling his Gucci's in an Austin hotel for the last three weeks after Anita threw him out of the Governor's Mansion. In fairness to the Governess- ooops- I mean Governor, the story has only been circulated by about a million online Texans, so it could be false. I mean, why would a neo-con Republican come out against homosexual rights when he's porking the decidedly swishy secretary of state? Wouldn't that represent the vilest sort of hypocrisy and reflect dangerous, internalized homophobia rivaled only by J. Edgar Hoover?
Damn right it would.
While these are only allegations at this point, I must say the only time I have met the Governor was at a Human Rights Campaign Fund Gala, which is about as gay as you can get in public without being under a mirrored disco ball with a margarita in your hand.
If he is gay and his neo con GOP cronies condemn and exile him, would he be accepted in mainstream Democratic Texas gay society? Probably. I mean, we queers accepted icky Richard Hatch and horrid Sandra Bernhardt, why not Rick the Prick?
I don't envy him if the story proves to be true.
Anytime a politician's private life falls into direct opposition with his
public views and legislative efforts in such a controversial manner it's career suicide. Or in this case, maybe homicide is the better word. But the good news is, this could be just one more example of the fraudulent GOP and the kind of immoral hypocrisy they practice, without conscience, to get votes.
And Bush did hand-select him to rule the great, he-man state of Texas.


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