Thursday, February 12, 2004

Survivor Tonight!

Let's review the tribes:
CHAPERA TRIBE: Amber Brkich (Australian Outback), "Big Tom Buchanan" (Africa), Alicia Calaway (Outback), Rob Cesternino (Amazon), Susan Hawk (Borneo) and
Rob Mariano (Marquesas).

SABOGA TRIBE: Rudy Boesch VOTED OUT, Rupert Boneham (Pearl Islands), Jenna Lewis (Pulau Tiga), Jerri Manthey (Outback), Tina Wesson VOTED OUT and Ethan
Zohn (Africa winner).

MOGO MOGO TRIBE: Colby Donaldson (Outback), Richard Hatch (Borneo winner), Shii Ann Huang (Thailand), Jenna Morasca (Amazon winner), Lex van den Berghe
(Africa) and Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien (Marquesas).

-If Chapera loses immunity, Susan might face the ax because she's the biggest bitch and isn't a team player, though she does okay in competitions. Keep an eye on Boston Rob and Amber, I think Rob's got a big Boston boner for her.
-If Saboga loses AGAIN, it'll be bye bye Jerri because Ethan is an asset and Jerri is a yapper whose reputation precedes her. She's faking that sweet act, but like a sugar coated lemon, we all know the juice inside is sour and that won't ever change.
-Mogo Mogo tribe was too stupid to make fire with a flint. There are many, many people to wish would get voted out, but if they lose, watch for Richard Hatch to get the well-deserved ax. Rumor has it he's pestered by a shark, but the shark probably saw who it was and deferred eating him out of professional courtesy.

As for the locked box containing rice, if I'd been out there this long without much food, I'd machete that box open and blame it on starvational insanity.
Your picks?

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