Monday, February 23, 2004

An Otherwise Delightful Sunday

After a lovely Saturday night, Eclair and I were taking a leisurely Sunday morning drive to breakfast.
She lives in the suburbs, so I was driving on her somewhat unfamiliar turf, but the traffic was light and the cool, misty weather somehow added to the allure.
At a stoplight, we sat gazing at each other in Saturday night's afterglow.
Just then, a Geo Prism tried to slide past my car on the right hand side, cut it too close and sheared off my passenger side power mirror.
We pulled the driver over and I sensed trouble.
The driver was wearing a pajama shirt and had bed-head that closely resembled Buckwheat's from the Little Rascals.
Saeed Fadlalla had freshly arrived from Sudan, and neither he nor his wife could speak more than a dozen words in English.
"May I see your license, please?" I asked.
"Yip yip, jibber, jibber, Gardendale, yik yik, Saeed, me Fadlalla," he replied.
"No, I need your driver's license and proof of insurance, sir." I replied.
"Yip diddy, yik yik, not my car, dibble gibble, yik clik, " he replied.
After pantomiming for 15 minutes about wanting to see his driver's license and proof of insurance, he finally produced for me two documents.
One was a learner's permit, and the other was proof of expired auto insurance. And the Prism? He'd borrowed that from a friend.
I didn't get much more information from the guy, but he did mention he had 60 kids.
"Sixty kids?" I asked. "
"Yes, 60, yes," he said.
"Do you mean six kids?"
"Yes, 60 kids, yes."
He assured me he'd pay to have the mirror replaced.
I did a little head calculating and figured a replacement power mirror for an Acura would run him just short of the GNP of his homeland Sudan.
I considered calling the cops to make a formal report, then I envisioned some good old Texas redneck cop handcuffing poor Saeed and dragging him off to jail while his wife stood by desperately on the street, yikking for help.
So, I wrote down his useless information, shook his hand, got back in the car and off we went to breakfast. Eclair made such a sweet fuss over my well-being after the wreck, it sort of made the whole thing worthwhile.
I may be out a few hundred bucks replacing that mirror, but Saeed's not in jail, and now he and his wife can resume caring for those 60 kids.

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