Friday, February 06, 2004

Shock and Awe

So many things to report today...

First, please stampede over to Melly's Blog and wish her a happy 25th birthday.
I am in charge of taking her out for dinner and getting her drunk tonight.

Second, I wrote to my political nemesis Barcodie and chastised him for removing his comments box and contact addy on his right-wing, Bush lovin' Blog. No reply. I guess he's seen that his years of Bush boot licking has started to portray him in a clownish light. Watching nothing but Fox News has apparently come back to bite him on the ass. But I take no pride in being right and him being totally wrong. Wait. Yes I do.

Third, I am smitten with a new kitten. Not a furry feline, I mean a woman. Didn't plan it, wasn't looking, and there she was. The L Words in this case stand for local, lesbian, left-wing, lovely, lanky, luminous, literate and luscious.

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