Monday, February 23, 2004

Ralph Nader: Dubya's Little Bitch

Egads. Ralph Nader, who made his bones back in '65 bitching about the Chevy Corvair, is running for president *again*.
Yeah, yeah, the GOP and the Democrats are both shifty parties, filled with special interest crooks and back room deals.
Nader is above all that.
He's also above hot dogs, most cars, fancy hotels, professional haircuts and tailored suits. He's a saint and we're all sinners.
But a serious presidential candidate he is not.
A vote for Nader is a vote for Bush, because Nader supporters would most likely vote Democrat if he wasn't in the mix.
Had he not stuck his schnozzola into the last presidential election, the Supreme Court would have had a harder time handing Dubya the election victory.
Rumors have it the GOP is paying for Nader ads to run in key Democratic strongholds.
Whhhaat? The GOP would pay for a non GOP candidate's ads?
Yes, because they realize we Democrats also have our share of lemmings who can be led astray by the right sort of manipulation.
All I am saying is this.
Vote however you want, but don't hand us any malarkey about voting for Nader because the other two candidates are cut from the same stained cloth.
A Nader vote is a vote against the Democratic nominee, and for Bush.
Don't fool yourself into thinking otherwise.

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