Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Bush Haiku

I am so angry that prick has come right out and said he's backing a
constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, it's time for some aggressive haiku!

Shame on Barbara Bush
Whelping such hatemonger pups
Kennebunkport bitch

Hey, George, Perry's gay
The guy you picked to govern
Texas, remember?

Votes for sale, call George
Give him money and your votes
Buy an amendment!

The Constitution
Venerated document
Bush wipes his ass with

The Christian right-wing
They're neither Christian nor right
Just judgmental fucks

Wasn't gonna wed
Now they say I can't do it
That makes me want to

How can Bush hate gays
When he gets such pleasure from
sodomizing us?

Attention, sane folks
Let's all vote, eliminate
Terrorist White House

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