Thursday, February 12, 2004

Sandra Says Hi

I stumbled upon the e-mail address of Sandra Diaz-Twine, one of the few deserving Survivor winners, so I wrote her the following note:

Hey Sandra,
I write a Blog ( that has weekly Survivor updates that a lot of people read and comment on.
We were all for you and glad you won the big bucks!
Come by if you're ever in San Antonio and I'll take you and yours out for Tex Mex food.
Loved your column in the Seattle paper.
If you have time, could you send my readers a hello? They'd love it.
Best regards,
Karen in San Antonio

Hours later, I got this:

karen, thanks for all the luv and if i am ever in the area i would love to eat some tex mex so i will hold you to your your readers "hey everybody what's up?"
...sincerely sandra

Okay, she's now my all time favorite Survivor millionaire. I am all verklemft.

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