Saturday, February 14, 2004

Lt. 1 GW Bush: Draft Dodger, AWOL Reservist, Fraud
...But don't take my word for it

That Calhoun guy who said he knew Bush while he was on duty in the Alabama National Guard lied. The times he claimed he saw Bush on duty were debunked by an absence of pay slips or sign-in documents. Uh oh.
Why am I bothering with this?
It's so obvious Camp Bush is lying, because sources are popping up all over debunking his so-called military record. You don't need me to debunk it for you. Just click on any mainstream newscast but Fox and you'll get the whole story. Let me just add one obscure nugget to the fire.
That pampered little coward was training to fly--on a plane that was simultaneously being phased out in Viet Nam. Even if he had been called into active duty, he wouldn't have been flying missions.

John Kerry got medals for fighting in the war. He has a legitimate, verifiable service record as a war hero. He understands war, and the need to avoid it if possible in today's insane, hate-filled world.

For the Bush clowns to have the balls to try to foist Dubya's spotty reserve record on us as legit and honorable while at the same time trying to link Kerry with Jane Fonda shows us they will stop at nothing to get Dubya a second term.

Meanwhile, there's a new site called Dear Mary where you can write a letter to Mary Cheney and ask her why she calls herself a lesbian activist while she sits passively while her father Dick speaks out against gay and lesbian civil rights and supports an amendment that discriminates against us.
Drop her a Valentine.

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