Monday, February 02, 2004

Survivor All Stars: The Premier

The All Star Edition of Survivor, which premiered after the never ending Super Bore last night, ended with Tina Wesson getting the boot. She was the big winner from Survivor Australia in 2001.
My guests and I were so fatigued from channel surfing around that silly six hour football game, Survivor itself was a bit of a blur.
Speaking of the Super Bowl, MTV produced the half-time show, with thuggertainers like Nelly singing, "Hot in Herre," with lyrics including: "I was like, good gracious, ass bodacious Flirtatious, tryin' to show faces Lookin for the right time to shoot my seed (you know)"
Then Justin Timberlake exposed Janet Jackson's tit.
CBS could show all that, but couldn't air the ad about Bush or the PETA ad because they don't like to air controversial messages.
I'd rather have seen the banned ads than watch Nelly fondling his dick while singing about seed shooting. CBS: bite me.
Back to Survivor.
Ousting Tina tells me the million dollar winners will face the ax first.
Richard Hatch, the million dollar winning exhibitionist gay man who drops trou at the slightest provocation, will be among the first voted out of his tribe. He gives gay men a bad name with that scrotum waving arrogance, but he did call Colby "honey," which I sort of liked.
Here's a list of all the tribe members, listed in order of who I think will be booted off first:

Mogo Mogo (Green) Tribe:
Jenna Morasca (former winner, I heard she will leave early because her Mom dies)
Richard Hatch
Lex Van Den Burghe (looks even more insane now)
Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien
Colby Donaldson<--I love this guy in those Shick Quatro ads- he's so handsome!!!
ShiiAnn Huang

Saboga (Blue) Tribe:
Tina Wesson (she's already outta there)
Ethan Zohn
Jerri Manthey the whore
Rudy Boesch the old geezer
Jenna Lewis
Rupert Boneham<- I hope he wins it all

Chapera (Red) Tribe:
Sue Hawk the truck driver
Rob Cesternino the goofy guy
Tom Buchanan the Pig Farmer
Alicia Calaway (I want a body like hers)
Amber Brkich
Rob Mariano

Your picks?

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