Tuesday, April 25, 2006

And Iran

All this news about Iran's desire to get nuclear weapons has been a waste of sound bytes, column inches and Blog space. We can't do a thing about it.
Bush has to realize on some level that he's overextended our troops on this boondoggle in Iraq, and he's put us in hock up to our necks to finance it.
All this talk about a booming economy is bullshit. When it's borrowed money, it's more aptly called a looming economy.
With gas prices as high as they are, soon enough a head of lettuce will cost us $4.

Let China handle Iran. They can pay for a war with the interest that imbecile Bush owes them.


larkohio said...

No to war with Iran, just no.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Active duty military officers cannot speak out against the commander in chief.
But the recent cluster of retired Generals have made their case: the draft dodgers in the Bush administration have fucked up in Iraq so bad, their outcry has been unprecidented.
I believe the Generals.
Everyone should.

larkohio said...

You and I agree completely on this issue, Karen. I find it amazing that retired military are coming out against Bush and Rummy. It also warms my heart in away, that they recognize that the war was so mishandled just as we do.

W. and Rummy have indeed broken it, and have no idea how to fix it. If they tell us one more time about how we are doing so well over there, I will upchuck.

They lie so much.

Lulu Maude said...

What's interesting is that the idea was to get hold of Iraq's oil... big article in the NY Times today on Halliburton's many fuck ups in securing it, laying pipe, etc. It's like they want to mess up.

Ah well.. the right and the left hand obviously haven't spoken lately.

BigSis said...

And how dare anyone ask why the brass didn't make their complaints public while still in the military! They did complain in private. Had they spoken out in public they would have lost all benefits and probably ended up in the stockade, naked with dogs biting their privates.

As for Iran, they're into capitalism now, not so much into blowing themselves up as amassing wealth. They just said today women in Iran can now go to soccer games etc. Close enough. Besides, if I had Iran's crazy ass neighbors I'd want to keep some nukes on the shelf too.

Weren't we already led into hating the Iranians a few decades ago? Hated them, embraced them, ignored them, now stuff is happening - this whole Iran thing falls under the dkdc category for me.

Holly in Cincinnati said...

I totally disagree with you - Iran is a real threat and hiding won't make it go away.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Holly, you view things as a Zionist. Not all of us are Zionists when it comes to a global perspective.
Had I been in a position to influence the capitalistic Irani youth, when the U.S. war started in Iraq, I would have air-dropped American made i-Pods with plenty of coupons for free music downloads on every major city in Iran.
Bush should have courted the moderate Irani citizens when he had the chance. Let them throw their own fucked up government out.
there's a difference between hiding and not getting involved.
We've been Israel's security guards and chief financial benefactors since that state was formed.
That doesn't mean the Americans have to start another war to keep nukes from being aimed at them.
They might do well to send those fucking Irani weasels a few i-Pods themselves.
Call it 'Shuffle Diplomacy.'

dusty said...

I know this is off topic.. but today, wednesday is the 20th anniversary of Chernobyl. There is a haunting photo essay up on pixel press about the area and its inhabitants now.The photos are black and white and very striking.The link is here:

On another note..isn't it wonderful that one of the former founders of Greenpeace has signed on with the Nuclear Industry to become a talking head about how great and safe nuclear power is? Greenpeace released a list of 200 nuclear accidents,which greenpeace calls "near misses" within US nuclear plants since 1986. Thats 200 too many for moi.

in.dog.neato said...

A glaring omission in all of this is the fact that Iran is a signatory to the NPT.

According to the articles of the treaty, the signators are permitted to persue nuclear technology for civil use.

Israel on the other hand, is NOT a signatory and indeed does posess nukes, has the technology to produce more, and has the means to deliver them.

The U.S.'s role in all of this? We provide the technology to supply a non signator with nuclear capabilities. A clear violation of the articles of the NPT, which the U.S. is a signator.

Treaty violation?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Doggo, of course I should have mentioned that important aspect of this debate.
Thanks for reminding us.