Thursday, April 27, 2006

Rove Called Back to Testify?

The scuttlebutt I've heard is if Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald asked Rove to return, then Fitz hasn't gotten enough evidence for an indictment against Rove and is trying to gather more.
If Rove's attorney asked to allow Rove to return to the stand, that indicates Rove is making a last ditch effort to try to convince Fitzgerald of his innocence.
The best part is, rumor has it that Rove's mouthpiece asked if Rove could return.
Combine that with Rove's recent White House demotion and draw your own conclusions.

Meanwhile, with Ken Lay testifying in the Enron trial, why isn't the news media crawling all over his connections with BushCo? Have they forgotten that Bush knew him well enough to refer to him as, "Kenny Boy"?


dusty said...

Since it was Krazy Karl's fifth visit to the GJ, it surely couldn't of been good news for him. You think Jason Leopold jumped the gun or his sources are hanging him out to dry? He released a second article stating he beleives his sources and Karl is a target.

Its nothing if not interesting..

Trish said...

We get very little local news in Houston regarding the Enron trial. I've also been over there and the federal courthouse has people out there blocking the media from even setting up in front of the courthouse.

larkohio said...

I hope that Rove is indicted. I hope he is convicted, and he and Lay can share a cell. They have both done the country great harm.

Karen Zipdrive said...

People who still think the mainstream media has a liberal bias need look no further than Houston & the Enron trial.
The damn thing should be televised as a warning to other corporate criminal CEOs and boards of directors.
Bush has created a fascist style clamp on what and how the media can cover news that we have a right to hear- based on the first amendment.

dusty said...

Fuck Krazy Karl and Fuck da Shrub..the courts can figure it out..and the people will then know they are nothing but a bunch of girlie men that don't play fair.I hate that this stuff isn't on the sure as hell should our country..and our government..Ken Lay of course is a different story..but its corporate greed none the less.

And as far as those two dipshits sharing a cell..nah..I want them to be in the general population..suits me just fine :)

Karen Zipdrive said...

I want them to go to work for Halliburton in Iraq, cleaning the Port-a-cans and urinal trenches without anyone from the military guarding them.
I want big American flag patches and their names stenciled on the backs of their day-glo orange jumpsuits, in English and whatever language the insurgents can read.

And I want someone to teach them that, "I fucked your Mama in the ass" means, "I come here in peace, my brother," in whatever language they speak there.


Karen Zipdrive said...

Word is, Fitzgerald at the very least can nail Rove for perjury.
That'll do.
Anything to brand him a felon and get him away from the White House and stripped of his super duper top secret access to classified information.

Anonymous said...

As this current crop of government officials are all prosecuted and convicted, their lengthy sentences should be to have to go out daily in the fields from dawn to dusk on chain gangs and bust their humps picking the vegetables that "no American" wants to do. No "girlie man" Club Fed for these pricks.


Karen Zipdrive said...

Penny, I love your imagination when it comes to punishing turds.

Anonymous said...

Karen, you're not so shabby yourself sister! Loved your "I come here in peace, my brother" comment! :D

As for Ken Lay, his punishment would have to be to count by hand all the potato(e)s his fellow inmates dug up with their hands, and no accountants to help him! Then Ken would have to scrub the potato(e)s, chop them up by hand into fries for Ore-Ida, and count the fries too before bagging them. By.hand. Endlessly.

George Dubya's personal hell would be shared with his mother. No one else. Just the two of them. And 24/7, day after day, night after night, Bar would be nagging him constantly in his ear "You're not HALF the man your father was!"

Karen Zipdrive said...

Ken Lay ought to have a bushel of potatoes shoved up his pompous ass.
As for Bush and his whoredog mother, they belong together for all eternity... in matching plots.