Sunday, April 02, 2006

Just in time for Hurricane Season

Six months ago, Michael Brown "resigned" as the head of FEMA.
After Brownie did his heckuva job in the wake of Katrina, Bush made a speech in front of a spectacularly backlit Jackson Square in New Orleans, and assured the American people that anything and everything would be done to restore New Orleans to its original grandeur.
Now six months later, the Gulf Coast is still in a state of wreckage and Bush hasn't even bothered to hire a new FEMA Director.
Michael Chertoff, Bush's Director of the Department of Homeland Security, would be the new FEMA Director's boss. We haven't heard anything about him locating a new FEMA chief, either.
Why is that?
Because both are in so far over their heads and so unqualified to do their jobs, they may not even understand the dire need for a new FEMA chief to hit the ground running and train FEMA response teams in effective disaster relief in time for the upcoming hurricane season.
Right after Katrina hit last August, Bush attended a fundraiser in California, then some country singer named Mark Wills gave him a guitar as a gift.
He posed for pictures pretending to strum the guitar, just like Nero played his fiddle while Rome was burning.
Six months later, the comparison strengthens.
Where is El Kabong when we need him?


Mary said...

akkkkk - I am joining you in the 'booted from America Blog' pen (I think).

John went nuts in that McKinney smear.
I made place (without mass bans ) at

no threads banned in this forum . . .

my banned post at America Blog at

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club, Mary. All I did was suggest that John's problem was something that therapy could probably fix and BAMM! (OK, OK, I said a few other things too!) Since then, I've been "unbanned" but I refuse to leave a comment. If you open up his comments and don't see the "banned" notice at the top, then you're unbanned I guess, but I personally won't be the one to test that theory.

I agree with your post about the upcoming hurricane season, Karen. Dubya and Chertoff better get off the pot, swallow their pride, and beg the guy who ran FEMA before Brownie Heckuvajob to come back (I can't remember his name, but he worked for Clinton and was very competent).

I'm STILL very aggravated and pissed about the Katrina aftermath! Seven months later, my mom finally got her house rebuilt and is still in the process of refurnishing it with appliances, furniture, etc. If I didn't have a large family who did most of the work, she'd probably still be waiting for help. Help that literally thousands are still waiting for.

Let's talk about something cheerful. Katrina and the upcoming hurricane season still depresses the s**t out of me...

dusty said...

The Shrub could give a shit about FEMA,which means he doesn't give a damn about the impending hurricane season either. His minions are far too busy attempting to kiss the ass of those running the legislative branch and putting a good spin on the civil war in Iraq.

dusty said...

Actually..RawStory has one up about this very subject..says over seven of the top experts in disaster management have been contacted about the job and they all said not only no but hell no.

Lulu Maude said...

It's interesting to read the comments of those approached for the job. Over and over again they talk about a lack of support and an administrative indirection regarding disaster management. The Bush Admin. is simply trying to fill the slot.

Karen Zipdrive said...

With the recent storms in the Midwest, I'm sure FEMA will be just as responsive as it was after Katrina. Huh.
In fairness to AmericaBlob, sometimes his comments system bans readers just as a glitch in the system. I'd been banned before when all I'd said previously was something that agreed with John's POV.
Nevertheless, he posed with Katherine Harris and said she was such a nice person, then he went on a racist rant against a black female Congress rep. That one-two punch destroyed his reputation, as I see it.
The best thing to do to an attention starved, hysterical queen is ignore him.
Banned or not, he can't have any more of my words on his comments.

Karen Zipdrive said...

The news reports the storms in the Midwest have torn a lot of homes and businesses to shreds and claimed more than a few lives.
Once again, FEMA is ill-equipped to handle the disaster.
Bush has had six months to ensure this nation has adequate disaster preparedness from the federal government and once again, he has failed miserably.
He's like the AIDS epidemic.
Often people don't think about it until it claims someone they love.
Look for the Midwest to be the next area in America to start noticing that Bush doesn't care about them.
Yet they voted for him.

dusty said...

I want the whole united friggin states to realize the Shrub could give a rats ass about them..

He only cares about his buds..big business and of course..Oil revenues..

Impeach the MuthaFucka Already!