Thursday, April 27, 2006

Fiesta San Antonio

This week San Antonio celebrates Fiesta, sort of a Mardi Gras with beer and margaritas replacing Hurricanes and chicks showing their breasts.
There are 10 days of festivities, including three major parades and countless other events that require driving all over town and paying jacked-up fees for parking.
People come from all over the world to join in the fun.
In years past, practically everyone I know indulged in at least a few Fiesta events.
Now, hardly anyone I know is getting involved in the hoopla.
With people shelling out three times the amount they used to pay for gas before Bush stole the 2000 election, budgets are stressed and people aren't driving around as much for frivolous purposes.
Besides, fiesta means party in Spanish.
What's there to party about?
Our country is swirling around the toilet, and Texas is the adopted home of the Bush family--the worst carpetbaggers since the Civil War.
On the national scene, Texas is considered a place where stupid, mean-spirited, rich people hide out when they aren't up in Washington, telling lies and screwing taxpayers out of their hard-earned cash.
Texas will get a bad rap for the next couple of generations because people think we are responsible for giving the world the corrupt Bush family and their associates like Cheney, Rove and DeLay.
The Bushes are blue-blooded Yankees from Connecticut and other colonies in the Northeast. They came here to rape the land and plummet the oil industry, then they had the nerve to stay... and invite their friends.

Nah, no Fiesta for me this year.

The next time I feel like celebrating, the words "felony indictment" will be included in the equation.
Until then, I'm laying low, just trying to convince a few people in Blogland that not all Texans are like those horrid, immoral sons of bitches who claim Texas as their home state.


Anonymous said...

If you don't attend the Fiesta festivities, at least you won't have to see some slack-jawed redneck yokel shitting on the sidewalk, right?

I'd like to inform you that I know people in many of the purple states (I really hate that red-state, blue-state crap) and nobody holds the Bush family and friends against Texas or Texans. Reasonable, thinking people know that the only reason America is stuck with this half-witted moron of a pResident is because of name value, corruption, thievery and $$$$$.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I saw a chart recently that showed the United States in colors ranging from red to purple to blue, based on their approval of Bush.
The red states were places like Wyoming, Utah and Idaho, where the sheep outnumber the people.
Texas was clearly a purple state, and bluish purple at that.
Still, A lot of people hear the word Texas and think of that idiot in the White House.
He was born in CT and educated in New England.
Like the ball hugging flight suit he wore on his "Mission Accomplished" photo op, his tough talking Texas act is just that- an act.

Lulu Maude said...

It may be that when you don't feel like a party, you need it most of all. Let's hope that lots of gay folks turn out for a very good time.

Lulu Maude said...

Don't let Dubya keep you from frolic!

Karen Zipdrive said...

I am doing all my partying this weekend in small groups, away from Fiesta activities.
Just not into it this year.