Monday, April 17, 2006

Rolling Blackouts??

A friend of mine here in San Antonio, along with an article from the Austin American Statesman reports that we can anticipate rolling blackouts in the near future.
What the fuck?
Are we in Los Angeles now, or what?
When actual Texan Lyndon B. Johnson was President, he at least had the gratitude to pork barrel his home state. But this carpetbagger pinhead Bush is fucking his so-called home state with high gas prices... and now rolling blackouts.
You think Bush couldn't do something to prevent rolling blackouts in Texas? Dream on!
Please someone, catch him blowing Condoleezza Rice on the rug in the Oval Office so we can impeach him.
Rolling blackout=no air conditioning.
No AC in Texas in the summer=death to the old and infirmed.
It just gets worse every day with Bush around.


dusty said... was a real thrill being a part of those blackouts..sitting in offices with NO windows that open, Trying to drive across town during rushhour when the street signals weren't working and everyone is in a bad mood anyway,and like you said..when the temp hit 100 I REALLY got my rocks off..I could go on and on..

Enjoy! :P

Trish said...

It happened here in Houston yesterday right during rush hour, and there was some sort of problem that kept people's power off for over 2 hours, instead of the promised 15 minutes. It was 95 yesterday, and I heard on the news it's going to happen again today (the temp AND the blackouts).

Karen Zipdrive said...

I know the loony, aluminum foil hat right-wing will say this is not the Republicans fault, but the government IS responsible for INFRASTRUCTURE, and our govermnet is majority Republican.
When a power grid is insufficient to keep zones covered, the government has failed to plan for us, and as such, has failed us.
This is just one more damn thing we can anticipate with crooks running things.
Let's see the Texas Governor's mansion, the Capitol and the White House get blacked out for hours at a time. See how those damn fools like it.

larkohio said...

Karen, my oh my, the WH couldn't be part of the rolling blackouts, doncha know it is a security issue and all that.

Now, as for the very old, or the very young, who die without air conditioning, I believe that W. cares as much about those folks as he did about the very old and very young in NO during Katrina. Call me cynical, I know.

This is a way for the power companies to charge all of us more money.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I was talking with a Bush apologist today who had the balls to tell me rolling blackouts were common in San Antonio every spring because, "this is the time the power companies spruce up their equipment."
I told her I'd lived here for the last 27 years and there's never been rolling blackouts in San Antonio at any time of the year.
These fucking GOP idiots actually sit around and make up shit to make their pinhead president & GOP governor seem blameless.
I think a consistent source of electricity is not too much to ask of the most powerful and richest country in the world.
This new wrinkle stinks- and it smells just like the $3+ gas prices Bush has fucked us with.

wordgirl said...

Got your rolling blackouts right here Fort Worth. Most vexing!
I never voted for Bush and I don't even feel sorry for my Republican friends who are finding it harder and harder to say anything good about him. I just enjoy standing by and watching them twitch.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Wordgirl, I've been to Fort Worth a few times and I can say with dead certainty you are neck-high in Republicans.
May their Bushian twitches soon be replaced by apologetic shrugs.