Friday, April 04, 2008

From McCain's Memory Tour

"Why, I recall this photo taken of the McCain clan back in 1888 when I was just a mere lad of 8. I recall how Mumsy used to treat us kids to a sarsaparilla and a nickel silent movie down at the old movie show.
"How wonderful it was back then not to have to worry about Negroes, Arabs or women who didn't know their place.
"Yes, my friends, back then men were men and boys grew up to be men. And it was all just that simple back then.
"If you elect me to be your president, my friends, I vow to take you back to those simple times."


Distributorcap said...

um kz -- mccain was already a grandfather in 1888

bigsis said...

Is that a Johnny Reb cap lil Johnny's wearing in the picture?

Lulu Maude said...

Did they have Faithful Family Servants that were of the Negroid Persuasion?

bigsis said...

I'm at work trying hard to stifle a huge laugh at Lulu's remark.