Sunday, April 13, 2008

News Haiku

Condi Rice for Veep?
The Peter Principle lives!
Score one for lesbos

Petrayus spoke out
Not sure when, or how, or why
But we need more time

McCain to his wife:
"You're a bad, trollopy cunt!"
But I love ya, babe

Cheney's sunglasses
Depict naked women...WHAT?
Nah, he hates women.

Paris, Spears, Lohan
We interrupt this broadcast...
To watch them vomit

Egads, what a world
Jessie Ventura now seems
Very sensible

French Prez Sarkozy
What a disappointment, he's
Kissing up to Bush

John McCain forgets
Sunni or Shite, what-ev
Who cares? All Ayrabs

A hundred-year war?
Sure, why not? McCain don't care
He'll be dead in ten

That shmuck Lieberman
Endorsing that fuck McCain
Mealy mouthed weasel

Bush clan planned torture
But fucking news media
Stays mum on that news

Tax rebate coming
Stimulate economy
Buy a pound of weed

I'd gladly donate
A tank of prime gasoline
Pumped up Bush's ass

Two people: shut up!
Michelle Obama and Bill
You're both buzzkillers

Bridget McCain? Who?
Oh right, they keep her hidden
She's bad for image

Speaking of daughters
Where did Dick's dyke daughter go?
Don't ask, don't tell, please


Dusty said...

Where in the blue hell are your readers???

Did they all leave town for a week or something?

Why the fuck am I the first to comment on three posts??

I hate Haiku btw. ;p

karenzipdrive said...

They usually come in on Monday...

dguzman said...

You gotz da mad haiku skills, Zip. I never had the patience for haiku.

Distributorcap said...

that last ku about Mary cheney