Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yeah, she hoisted a cold one, so?

The media and the Obama Claymates have really made hay out of Hillary showing up in a small town Pennsylvania bar and doing a shot of Crown Royal, followed by a mug of beer and pizza with the locals.
How is this news?
Meanwhile, Obama poorly worded his description of the desperation that smothers blue collar Pennsylvanians, and he too was vilified by the media and the Clintonistas.
How is that news?
Of the two events, I think Hillary scored the most points by showing that a lady can toss back a boilermaker with the fellas without getting a case of the vapors. I think it'll play with blue collar PA voters because it shows her rowdy side, and we all love a rowdy side.
Obama wasn't being elitist when he uttered those remarks about guns, religion and bitterness. Hasn't anyone seen "The Deer Hunter," for chrissakes?
By now, it really doesn't matter which Democrat makes the gaffes. We are on board with whoever wins the nomination.
While the ridiculously dumbed-down media feasts upon goofy photo ops and well meaning but intemperate quotes made by the Democrats, let us not forget the real issues at hand.
-We just endured Petrayus and Crocker serving the Congress a steaming platter of crap that said nothing about anything in Iraq, except to say fragile progress has been made, but it is reversible. What? Three billion tax dollars and five years for that?
We know Bush directed them to equivocate so he could buy enough time to leave the incredibly fucked-up mess he created in Iraq to the next president.
-We are paying more than $3 a gallon for gas and it's crippling average Americans and the trucking industry who deliver our groceries.
-The GOP Slime Machine already is busily at work, turning campaign donations into weapons of mass delusion they plan to foist off on the vastly ignorant electorate.
-We know for sure now that the torture and abuse of detainees perpetrated by our military did not come from the bottom up; it came from Bush's hand-picked minions who hatched their devious plans from the White House Situation Room while Bush stayed busy coloring in the next room.

We cannot feed upon the minuscule gaffes and goofy photos of our Democratic candidates. We cannot lose focus of the horrendously bad decisions made by the current administration.
And most of all, we cannot divert our attention with banal fripperies the media serves us about our Democratic candidates.
One glimpse at the comments section of the Huffington Post tells us our fellow Democrats still are busily harpooning either Hillary or Obama over the most minor ripples.

We have met the enemy and they are the current administration and anyone they endorse. That's where our focus should be.


Dusty said...

Bravo!! Golf Clap for Karen!!!!

Yes, who gives a rats-fucking-ass if Obama actually said what is a factually correct statement? And yes, Hillary tossing back a Crown and Brew will play well with the common folk who can't find their asses with both hands,or find jobs evidently either.

Meanwhile we skewer each other and Weathervane McCain finishes up his fucking back to the future tour of his homesteads.

karenzipdrive said...

The media keeps playing up how much the Democrats are hurting each other, but they have to sell Hover-rounds and other crap, so they make news out of odds n' ends that aren't really news.
Obama called Hillary Annie Oakley yesterday after her pro-hunting remarks about shooting a duck.
I can think of a lame duck I'd like to see her take a shot at...

dguzman said...

Sweet jesus, I'm sick of the media's "coverage" of this campaign. At her age, Hill deserves a few extra points for being able to do a shot of Crown and a beer chaser and still walk out of the place.

No doubt, some stupid paparazzi is probably out there hoping to catch Obama sparking up with some college kids. Oh wait, I'd actually like to see that....

karenzipdrive said...

Wow, it looks like Obama's remarks about bitterness, guns n' Jesus really didn't go over well with Pennsylvania voters.
He should have gone to that bar with Hillary and done a few boilermakers instead of meeting in San Francisco behind closed doors with a bunch of (choose your favorite)
(a) Rich queens
(b) Armani-clad sushi eaters
(c) Code pink carpet munchers
(d) Vegan poetry lovers
(e) Giddy, gun hating athiests

Dusty said...

Right KZ, Hillary never holds events where she is pandering to a bunch of rich fucks. Gee, and none of the rich fucks evah stick their foot in their mouth and call everyone that supports Obama a misogynist fool..

oh wait..Sir Elton John..a rich queen did that just last bad ;p

karenzipdrive said...

Dusty, ALL politicians are panderers--that's how the word 'politician' became synonymous with the word 'scumbag'.
Let's stop fooling ourselves that Obama is any different from any other politician at this level of competition.
I like Obama just fine, but I'd like him more if his followers weren't so delusional about him being just one more politician.
My comment above was meant to be sarcastic- Obama supporters are no more misogynistic than Hillary supporters are racist.
You want a racist woman hater? Go with McCain.

Dusty said...

Karen..I give you a ration of shit as I do those that bitch about Hillary.

I am keeping everyone aware that, as you just pointed out..all politicians are evil fuckers. ;)

As you have so duly noted..we need to go after Weathervane McCain..not the democratic candidates.