Monday, April 28, 2008

Please Stop Before I Have to Spank you...

Every year it seems we must adapt to the creation, then endure the ad nauseam repetition of hip new catch phrases that inundate the media.
Who can forget recent relics like, "dude!" and "whatever" being crammed down our throats and poked into our eyes on an hourly basis?
Now comes "really."
Susie: "I think Hillary should stay in the race."
Matthew: "Really, Susie? Really?"
From Saturday Night Live, to MTV, to Comedy Central, to cell phone ads, all this "really-talk" really gets on my nerves.
Whenever I hear it, I immediately cast aspersions on the little pop culture parrot who's saying it.
I know it's, like, really awesome to, like, stay hip to the culture of linguistics but goddamn, please try to skip the silly fads you hear on TV. Don't become one of these guys:


Lulu Maude said...

Poor lad--having a misspelled word on his back for eternity.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Oh, I'm pretty sure none of his pals will notice the misspelling and gig him over it.

dguzman said...

How fucking annoying. I'm glad I don't have TV.

CLD said...

Poor guy's got some pretty disgusting bacne [back acne] to boot. I know, bacne is another pop culture linguistic thingie. :)

karenzipdrive said...

The word 'bacne' never goes out of style. :)