Thursday, April 24, 2008

True Love Never Runs Smooth

Gee, you'd think Star Jones's marriage to that gay guy nobody had ever heard of would have lasted.
Between her and Liza Minelli, the business of celebrity fag hags is really going down the tubes.
Meanwhile, raspy-voiced Jenna Bush is soon set to marry some nobody of dubious sexual orientation (he's a Republican, which makes him automatically suspect), but at least Jenna can find comfort in the arms of the nearest Austin barfly lesbian if things go south for her and whatzisname.
I'm so happy to hear she's not planning a White House wedding. The idea of the taxpayers having to pay for all the added secret service coverage and catering and other expense that comes with a White House wedding would make my head spin 360 degrees.
Last night on Larry King, she implied that she might not be backing McCain in the race. How I wish she would have said, "This current president has fucked it up for all Republicans running for office..."
And what's with her twin, Not-Jenna?
She makes the Nixon daughters seem like brilliant international socialites, filled with glamour, style and wit.
What does she do, anyway? Can she possibly be as boring as she seems?


bigsis said...

Maybe Star can hook Stedman now that Gale has permanently moved in.

Oh no, what's mccain going to do without an endorsement from Jenna?

I Dare Not Speak My Name said...

Gale has moved in???

karenzipdrive said...

Gayle hasn't moved in with Okra.
The truth is, Okra bought her a multi million dollar apartment in New York.

Distributorcap said...

that larry king interview was a laugh riot

laura complained that the dems are too hard on her husband and that it was demoralizing to her

fuck you laura bush and your whole boring and vacuous family

i will say tho that jenna is pretty, a moron and a self centered scumbag (as all bushes are) but pretty.

notjenna is a whole other story

dguzman said...

Whoa, Okra's got her own Randy Bean???? I'm so behind the times!

I sometimes wonder if NotJenna is mildly retarded. They never show her on anything! She didn't even get to meet the pope!

Anonymous said...

Randy Bean? Do you mean Randy Beamer? He is on the same list as Stedman and the former Ms. Jones.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Randy Bean is the never-married woman Condi Rice shares a house with in Palo Alto, CA.
Randy Beamer is a San Antonio news anchor at the NBC affiliate.
Randy Beamer is much prettier than Randy Bean.