Friday, April 25, 2008

Portrait of a Murderer

This morning, the murderer of Viola Barrios was arrested and confessed to breaking into her home, shooting her, stealing her credit cards, starting several fires in the home, then escaping from the scene in her 2006 silver Mercedes.

The murderer was 18-year-old Joe Estrada. He was Mrs. Barrios's next door neighbor.
He said he wanted the money to buy drugs.

He's charged with capital murder, which carries the death penalty.
I'm sure his fellow Texas prisoners will welcome him in their own special way.


Anonymous said...

I look at the picture of this young man, he looks closer to 12 than 18. He blew her away for drug money. I'm speechless.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I bet she knew him since he was a little boy, and I bet she even made him a taco or two from the kitchen of her own home.
He looks young because he is. I'm certain that asset will become a liability once the inmates discover he's the punk who killed the nice lady whose restaurant they probably visited before they were locked up.
May God help him, because nobody else will.

dguzman said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the kid knew her from when he was a little boy. I once served jury duty (in Texas) in the trial of a juvenile (16 yrs old) who'd beaten one of his childhood friends to death and thrown his body off an overpass -- because this friend had "dissed" a member of the gang that the juvenile wanted to join. He never once teared up or even looked sad during the trial. He just sat there, like he was bored with the whole thing. I wanted to throw up.

MJ said...

God, what a tragic story. I'm sure you are right that he knew her. She's dead. His life is over. That's all just so... fucked up and sad.

karenzipdrive said...

His life is not over yet, but he probably won't see 21 unless the death row appeals process in Texas lasts longer than that.
What's fucked up and sad is that an 18-year-old had already become so hardened and washed up on drugs he no longer gave a damn about taking someone's life, or ruining his own in the process.
I can't imagine how warped his thinking had to be to think he'd get away with it.
He was so stupid and mush-brained, two of his neighbors actually saw him driving around the neighborhood in her Benz right after he'd killed her. That's how the cops knew to arrest him.
His parents are probably hiring a Realtor to sell their house about now. I can't imagine the surrounding neighbors wanting those pariahs to remain on their street, espeically if they have other demon spawn besides this kid.

karenzipdrive said...

Turns out the fucking kid was busted in January for car theft.
He dropped out of high school last month, just one month before school would have been out.
After he shot Mrs. Barrios in her bedroom, he stole her credit cards and used one to purchase $10 in gas that he used to start the fires in the house.
Here's what our DA Susan Reed had to say about the charges against him:
"Well, we have authorized them to file the charge of capital murder, and as of right now, I'd like to go string this guy up myself."

Distributorcap said...

i am speechless and sad and angry all at the same time

karenzipdrive said...

You think that's unreal?

Check out this excerpt from Viola Barrios' funeral today during a eulogy her son delivered:

(Louis Barrios remembered his mother Viola in a tearful goodbye at her funeral Monday.)

"My mother died Wednesday night/Thursday morning, and then I came to the conclusion that the person that loved me the most is gone. I cried like a baby," said Louis Barrios.

Although his heart was filled with sadness, the people who packed church soon found out it still had enough room for forgiveness.

"The Estrada family will always be a part of our family," Louis said.

Not only are the Barrios' forgiving the family who's son is charged with Viola's murder, they're now helping the Estrada's defend their son.

"The Estrada's can't afford it, but the Barrios family can," Louis explained. "And we are asking (attorneys) Roy, Junior and Bobby to defend Joey Estrada, Jr.

It was an announcement that unbelievable to some, but as the Barrios' consoled the Estrada's next to their mother's casket, they said it's the only way Viola would have it.

Louis Barrios said the court fees to defend Joey Estrada, Jr. are expected to be more than $100,000.

The 18-year-old was arrested Friday. He lived next door to Barrios.

A court date for Estrada has not been set.

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zipdrive said...

Ooops sorry I didn't edit out the extra words on the news website.

dguzman said...

That's wild, that the victim's family is trying to help the murderer's family. They have some big big hearts.

karenzipdrive said...

I admire forgiveness and big heartedness in others.
Had it been my Mom, I'd be doing my new prison blog by now, because that kid would be dead.

Anonymous said...

He plead guilty, so why does he need lawyers?

The cop's face in the picture pretty much sums up how this punks life is going to end up.

karenzipdrive said...

Anon, he needs lawyers to keep him from getting the death penalty. Mrs. Barrios' family believe she wouldn't have wanted him executed.

Dusty said...

Fuck. They get younger every year.