Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Suck It, Lou Dobbs

Yep, it was inevitable.
More and more American farmers are getting around the labor shortage caused by the crackdown of illegal migrant workers by buying up farm land in Mexico and hiring the workers where they live.
These idiot Republicans and their scare tactics about illegal aliens are continuing to fuck up the American economy.
I live in San Antonio, about 150 miles from Mexico.
One of the perks of living so near the border used to be the glut of hardworking Mexican aliens who were willing to do gardening, tile & cement work, leveling, roofing, hauling, tree trimming and other noxious tasks that really don't require hiring three blond guys named Scott, Chad and Trent and their shiny new pick-ups for 50 bucks an hour.
Nah, give me a guy named Chuy with eight fingers and a dented 1972 Ford pick-up any time. I pay fair wages, serve lunch and tons of water and drinks. I let them estimate the job, and it's usually so reasonable I don't have to haggle.
Who is that hurting?
How much are Americans willing to pay for a fucking head of lettuce when we are forced to hire Scott, Chad and Trent to pick it?
How many urban homes will fall into disgraceful disrepair when homeowners can't afford to hire licensed, bonded All-American contractors?
Employing migrant alien workers and ignoring the immigration status of hardworking Mexicans and South and Central Americans has been the American way for generations.
Aliens should be allowed to work in America, and American businesses should be bound by law to pay them at least minimum wage and provide decent working conditions.
I want to eat produce grown in America, picked by anyone who wants to do the job.
Fuckin' Republicans.


Anonymous said...

Lou has issues. A lovely latina must have rejected him at some time, so he's taking it out on everyone. Give it a rest Lou, its like trying to ban handguns at this point.

Karen Zipdrive said...

That idiot was looking for ANY key issue to hang his hat on.
For all we know, he wrote some controversial issues on a dart board and chose the one he hit.

queerpoet said...

The funny? weird? ironic? thing about Lou is that his wife is Hispanic and so therefore are his children.


karenzipdrive said...

Hi QP-long time no hear!
I didn't know his wife was Hispanic, but it makes sense.
My blue-eyed daddy married my Hispanic mother and he always had racist things to say about Hispanics.
I think insecure people always gravitate toward people to whom they feel superior.

dguzman said...

Hear, hear, Zip! Great post.

Distributorcap said...

Scott, Chad and Trent to pick it?

no matter how bad bush makes the economy -- SC&T are not going to pick lettuce or strawberries. they will rot on the vine.

same thing with nannies, housekeepers, restaurant workers, gardeners, street pavers, taxi drivers etc.

arrogant, haughty americans will not do such "lowly" jobs

throw out all the alien workers and watch how fast the house of cards really does tumble

karenzipdrive said...

I think Americans will do ALL those jobs, provided they are paid $15-$20 an hour.
Hence the $8 head of lettuce.