Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oh, the Horrors of That Debate!!!

I didn't actually watch the ABC debate last week because it doesn't matter to me anymore who says what to whom. I'm voting for whichever Democrat wins the nomination, and I won't change my mind unless something about a candidate being a pedophile or a pet torturer comes up.
I did, however, listen to excerpts and watch clips of the major parts of the debate.
From what I hear, George Stephanopoulis and Charles Gibson asked both candidates some stupid questions, especially Obama.
What really has amazed me, however, is how outraged Obama's fanbase got over it.
They are acting as if people's plans to vote Democratic were somehow altered because Obama showed annoyance and discomfort during certain segments of the debate.
Maybe it's because, as a Hillary supporter, I have gotten used to hearing despicable things about her and seen the media treat her like she's Madeline Murray O'Hare, smacking a statue of Jesus with a soiled Kotex.
I've developed a thick skin over the last few decades regarding the mass hatred of Hillary. She's proven to be durable and tenacious, but for a woman in politics I guess that's a liability.
The anger by Obama's Claymates toward ABC and its reporters who moderated the debate has been nothing short of shrill. They are demanding all sorts of remedies to what seems to them like the biggest travesty in American media history.
I don't like sore losers, but sore winners are even worse.
Obama's the presumptive Democratic candidate and we all know it. So why get so shrill when the media ham-hands the man?
Is he really such a pussy that his fans think they need to rampage against anyone who attempts to push his buttons?
Do his fans really think he's above the fray and neither fighting back nor running negative ads?
Jesus, people, there's no need to worry about another botched debate.
Obama's a good man with good ideas.
There's no need to make Hillary a bad woman to make Obama look like a better man.
But most importantly, all this over-reaction to Obama's treatment in the ABC debate is giving the GOP the playbook on how to make him, and his fans, squirm.
Sometimes, the best reaction to a bad situation is a simple, "whatever."
We Democrats need to stop cradling Obama when he fucks up and loses his cool. The best way we can help get him elected is to let him learn to be more resilient.
Like Hillary.


Lulu Maude said...

I skipped the debate, too, but from what I hear, Stephanopolous and Gibson pissed away the time with gossip questions rather than all the issues that have been smacking us in the face this year.

I'm concerned about the economy, the hedge fund managers who enriched themselves at our expense on the mortgage debacle, the spiraling cost of food here and abroad... I hate to see time pissed away on fucking flag pins and with whom we maintain cordial relations.

I can't believe how stupid these folks were and are.

Karenzipdrive said...

When has there been an intelligent debate throughout this campaign?
Obama is failing to flip things around in debates, and he's had as much practice as Hillary.
I read that an old veteran gave him a flag pin that he immediately pinned on. He could have kept the damned thing on and explained how touched he was and had done with the whole stupid topic.
Nope- I think this particular debate was singled out because Obama didn't show much poise with all the stupidity.
Not a good thing when he was already battling elitist claims.

bigsis said...

At this point its an endurance test and poor Obama is failing. I can't believe he's still whining. I agree with the pundits who say that if he can't take a few swipes from Hillary, he's going to die when the R's get their hands on him.