Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Real Baby Jake at 4 Months

They talk about human babies who reach the terrible twos, but there's no terrible twos like a 4-month-old kitten.
Baby Jake has one fatal flaw--he's smarter than any cat I've ever met, and smarter than most humans I know.
He knows how to gnaw the bottom out of the kitty treat bag, and when I transferred his baby treats to a glass jar with a snap-on plastic lid, it took him maybe 5 minutes to learn how to pry it open with his tiny teeth and paws.
At four pounds, he terrorizes his 20-pound brother Nick and daddy James. Poor guys, they try to have a peaceful nap and are awakened by him trying to bite their tails off.
He won't let any of us sleep at night. He marches and pounces all over me all night, and God forbid I move a toe under the blanket while I'm actually sleeping.
He's growing an impressive set of little kitty nuts now, and he doesn't like anyone examining them. But he loves to show them off, often backing them into my face when I'm trying to sleep.
He's past the adorable kitten-in-the-lap stage, too. I have to hold him in place if I have the urge to cuddle him, unless I am eating, then he's like Velcro.
He often gives himself a fat lip, miscalculating bites aimed at the scruffs of the other boys' necks.
If I am late with his Iams kitten chow, he simply jumps up on the counter, rips open the bag and helps himself.
I can't understand how a little being who's younger than most of the condiments in my refrigerator has managed to overtake an entire household, but he has.


dguzman said...

But you gotta love the little bastard! What a character.

Shelley T said...

You must be so proud!

karenzipdrive said...

Yes, just as I'm ready to kill him he'll put his warm little paw on me or cuddle up into a little ball and go to sleep with a smile on his face and I melt.

Shelley T said...

Olivia has been doing the cutest thing lately, just after scratching the arm of my brand new, fabulous sofa: She lies down and crosses her forepaws very delicately, like a proper lady crossing her ankles in a seated photo, then she tucks her head down for a snooze. It's so damned cute that I can't be angry about my f***ing couch getting ruined. Stupid pussy ....

Anonymous said...

It's Jane here, I'm at a friend's house for roast lamb and vegies. He's looking very cute, Karen. I really like his stripes. He even has the petulant face of a teenager. All too soon he will reach the age of twelve like the two geriatric gentlemen who live with me. Then he'll just move from the bed to the couch. I'm not so sure I could handle a kitten again.

lazydog said...

Bwahahaa... younger than the condiments in your fridge! He's too cute though.

Dusty said...

What a cute little guy. Raising hell is just the beginning.