Monday, April 28, 2008

Wright is All Right With Me

First off, the more I hear, the more I love The Rev. Jeremiah Wright.
He's funny, he does great imitations, and he says shit about the neo-cons that is delightfully outrageous in its candor. Hell, I aspire to make comments as outlandish as his!
I would dearly love to hear one of his sermons in person.
He's a true original and I agree with so much of what he says about racism and the White Man keeping the rest of us down.

Alas, I also love the following people and support the following issues:

Dennis Kucinich
Geraldine Ferraro
Jane Fonda
Legalized pot
Gay marriage
Legalized Abortion
Taxing churches
Gun Control
Transgender Rights
Rosie O'Donnell
Al Sharpton
Amy Winehouse
Tax breaks for gays who don't have equal rights
Elimination of tax credits for breeders
Property tax breaks for those who don't have kids in school
Free(er) immigration policies

That makes me about as politically viable as your average left-wing, pussy-lovin' lesbian militant pothead extremist.

Ergo, the fact that I love Rev. Wright is a moot point when one considers how many American voters are thoroughly turned off- and even frightened- by Wright and his deliciously radical points of view.

See, I want a Democrat in office, and Wright has managed to freak the bejeebers out of the average white, Christian, family values moderate-to-conservative voter.
If you think Obama's immersion in Wright's church won't turn off voters, I have some valuable beachfront property here in San Antonio I'd like to sell you.

Now that Wright is making the media rounds and exposing himself as the Black militant rabble rouser he is, please don't hide your head in the sand and pretend he's not fucking up Obama's chances but good. What's more, now that he's gotten a taste for the publicity he'll want more, because all great performers want more.

What Wright is doing is making people wonder if Obama is playing possum until he wins- then he'll invite in his radical Black pals and turn the presidency into one big GET WHITEY movement.
Sure, it's ignorant, but I'm talking about the same dumb-ass white voters who elected Bush twice.

It makes no difference whether I like Wright or not. I only get one vote.

However, if Obama's alliance with him turns off voters and Obama is the Democratic nominee, we could lose this motherfuckin' election and see four more years of Republican bullshit.

I know for many of you, Obama is the wonderkind and all you ever wanted in a shiny new candidate. Alas, you only get one vote, like me.

When Obama started to completely overpower Hillary in popularity, I had to adjust my thinking and begin to embrace and prepare to support my second choice, Obama.
But now that Obama is taking a drubbing, can any of you face the idea that Obama might not be electable?
Can you consider the possibility that we Democrats may have to support whomever can beat McCain?

Can you?


karenzipdrive said...

To read more about Rev. Wright screwing up Obama's chances, check this out:

dguzman said...

I think that even without Wright, these stupid voters will just find some other excuse to pull the lever for McGeezey McWhitey instead of that scary black guy or that ball-busting white bitch, you know?

I only hope we're wrong.

Anonymous said...

Dee is right on that point. The ignoramuses will always be with us.

Now what can you as a thoughtful individual do? Vote for the candidate that best represents your interests, no matter who that is, no matter if they're even running. It's called a write-in vote, and I'm not afraid to use it. Electability is such a crap criteria. I'm not the average American, and I'm proud of that. There ain't no way I'm going to jump on their bandwagon or base my vote on who I think they may or may not like. Let them follow me for a change.

karenzipdrive said...

Electability is a crap criteria, but unless you want the Democrats to field a losing candidate, it better not STAY a crap criteria.
I'd love for the ignorant voters out there to see that my way is the more intelligent way, but I'd also love to have rock hard abs so Annie Lennox would have a nice spot to rest her head at night.
Stay on whatever bandwagon you like, but if it's carrying a Democrat who loses to McCain, be prepared to duck a few rotten tomatoes as you whiz by.

Dusty said...

I supported Wright up to the point where his ego took over.

He's just another wingnut Theocrat to me now. The left finally has a freaky Pastor that rivals Hagee, Robertson and Falwell.

Now the rightwingers can point and laugh at our guy Wright.

The electability argument is one of Hillary's favorites. Now, I ain't so sure Obama will be able to ride out this bullshittery Wright has stirred up.

I just want a fucking Dem in the WH..God Damn IT!!!

Anonymous said...

The white beer drinkers who voted for Bush twice now have a reason to show up and vote again.


Distributorcap said...

wright has made some really good points -- but i think he went too far this time. those beer drinking, wife beating reagan democrats only need one small excuse to vote for mccain, even if he said he would definitely stay in iraq for a millenia

karenzipdrive said...

D-cap, I think you're absolutely right about the Reagan Democrats looking for any excuse to regress to their natural state of veiled racism and paranoia.
When one considers how many white folks the peaceful Dr. Martin Luther King scared the hell out of back in the day, multiply Wright's impact on them by 100.