Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Farewell, Damn It.

Possibly my all-time favorite blogger, Princess Sparkle Pony*, has gone out of business.
When Big Sis, a frequent Pulp Friction commenter and my actual big sister, first learned of PSP's brilliant blog, she uncharacteristically spent tons of consecutive hours reading PSP from beginning to end.
She'd call me repeatedly from Austin, laughing hysterically at one entry or another.
PSP for me was a daily essential. My ritual was to make coffee, boot up and head straight to read PSP.
From watching Condaleezza Rice's hair-dos, to turning us all on to Austria's glorious Ursula Plassnik, to ripping idiot politicians and media humps to shreds, PSP made even the worst news a little sunnier and a whole lot funnier.
She turned GOP Chair Michael Steele into a Boston Terrier. She tortured Sarah Palin.
She had fashion tips, religious quips and artsy Photoshopped pics.
She could be bitchy, even to her loyal cadre of commenters.
Do not report the verification word, thinking it's funny, she warned.
Do not add links or otherwise try to scoop her.
Do not try to out-funny her, even though that would be impossible.
I met a lot of my best bloggy pals through her comments box. My dear D-Cap, FranIAm, Matty Boy and others' blogs became links on my blog.
When she quit, I wrote to her creator Petey and asked what had happened. I fretted that he was not okay. He replied that he was okay. Undaunted, I wrote again and suggested he rest up and return another day. No, he said firmly.
Well, that's just not good enough.
PSP is so much better than Sarah Palin, and the word quitter should not be an adjective they share.
The only way I will accept his resignation is if he's got a book contract to publish the entire blog, from beginning to end. I'd buy that book.
Petey's got too much talent to take it away from us.
The world lost Princess Diana, now this shit.
The terrorists have won.

*PSP is listed to the right on my blogroll


bigsis said...

I can't stand the thought of no PSP. But I compeletely understand that things used to be so bad they were funny, now things are just bad. PSP's comment re the Republicans being evil and the Democrats inept said it all for me because that's exactly how I feel. I've turned off MSNBC and all other pundits completely. I'm getting like bigbro and just watching HGTV, movies and tv with animals and nature. We fought so hard for change and we got it, but the evil seems to have prevailed.

Goodbye Princess Sparkle Pony, thank you for bringing us years of belly laughs. We know its time for you to move on with your life but damn, you're going to be soooo missed.

Matty Boy said...

I'll miss PSP as well, but there is no comparison between what Sarah Palin did and what the Princess did. Palin had a job with set quota of days she was supposed to work and she flaked out. PSP was an artist who felt that she had said all she was going to say.

The Princess was snippy about some stuff, word verifications and being scooped, but I thought she was generous about commenters getting in a good joke, and a lot of us did.

Like you, I'll miss her very much. There isn't another blog anything like Princess Sparkle Pony.

Word verification: verings

Karen Zipdrive said...

LOL at the word verification, Matty!
I was just rubbing it in about the quitter thing, hoping PSP would read this and start blogging again.

As for today's political news, I can understand the urge to walk away and watch the nature channel or whatever, but I believe we still have to keep up with what the evil righties are doing, and what the lefties are failing to do.
Both sides are probably hoping we taxpayers get disgusted and start ignoring them so they can fuck things up in relative privacy.

Karen Zipdrive said...

P.S. If I were a public figure and someone told me Princess Sparkle Pony had roasted me, I'm pretty sure I'd need a change of underwear.
I'm pretty sure a lot of political and media buffoons were thrilled to learn she was galloping away on her glittery hooves.
Which reminds me- remember when she blogged about those seductive horse toys for girls that wore actual clothes and shoes? She called them 'whoreses.'

Lulu Maude said...

I too will miss the Pink Pony, but I have to agree with her decision to quit. This is an insane time in our history, and frankly, humor isn't all that funny at the moment. A soberer response is probably called for (not whines of outrage) and that's just not what PSP did.

PSP was deeply superficial. Now that the importance of Michelle Obama's hair has become the domain of the MSM, why go on?

She might even be forced into seriousness.

p.s. Big Sis, we are using coping strategies similar to yours in our little New England home.

Utah Savage said...

I'm sorry I missed out. Once I get my book rewritten, I may go read the archive.

Karen Zipdrive said...

My blog also can be considered "deeply superficial" because I rarely waste time doing serious news analysis when tons of people get paid good money to do that.
And because of that deep superficiality, I can stomp my foot and whine about PSP quitting without having to be a goddamn grown-up about it.
Through deep superficiality, often some somber truths are being told.
That was one of PSP's gifts, and I want to keep getting that gift.
Damn it.

Dusty said...

PSP was a great blog in it's heyday. Sigh....

So many bloggers are bailing..damn it, damn it all to hell!

It's the letdown we are all getting from the Obama administration's lack of chutzpah. Fuckers are panty-waist sumbitches, and yes it's not really funny. It's fucking pathetic.

Fran said...

Now now now. It's her shit, so let her be!

I quit my blog, but then I came back. PSP will not do the same.

I don't think I would have merited this much angst from you however.

That was some seriously funny shit over there and it is how we met, so I will always be grateful for that!

Lulu Maude said...

Yeah... well...

nonnie9999 said...

i wasn't a regular reader, but i did stop by from time to time, and had quite a few laughs over there.

so who gets to keep the pony?

Distributorcap said...

the bestest blog - i dont think someone ever made me laugh so hard

i will miss the princess - but she is right, it is so bad now, it aint funny - even i am having trouble making it funny