Monday, September 14, 2009

Today's the Day

Today is Big Sis's birthday and the day I quit smoking.
She promised me a trip to Paris next year if I quit, so I can think of no better incentive than that.
Oh sure, there are health issues that smoking makes worse and should cause a person to want to quit, but Paris, damn!
So far it's not so bad. I'm wearing a nicotine patch and I took half a Valium I'd been saving for an emergency.
I'll probably sleep a lot and isolate for a while, and try not to eat everything in the kitchen.
Years ago I had this friend who was a top level executive for AT&T. She was a chain smoker and decided to quit. She found herself craving smoke so much, she decided to start smoking dope as a substitute. After about two weeks of smoking six joints a day, she was mush-brained and too laid back to be a good executive.
I think I'll skip that option.
If anyone who reads this has quit, please give me tips, besides the patch and a prescription for Valium.
Wish me luck, kiddos.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I quit cold turkey the night of my heart attack and I haven't had one since. Good luck to you in your quest.

Jess Wundrun said...

I quit when I got pregnant for the second time.

(I don't think me and dr. Monkey have provided you with any viable assistance)

Karen Zipdrive said...

Hmm...haven't had a heart attack and pregnancy is pretty much out of the question for a variety of reasons but I am chuckling, so there is that.
Thanks. :)

cuz2 said...

What about Wellbutrin or Chantix? Some people seem to have great success with those meds. Then there are the usual hard candies, gum, or grapes/berries--maybe freeze them. Good for you KZ, don't forget extra water and lots of sleep. Congrats and Good Luck!!! You can do it!

HelenWheels said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I quit after 20 years. That was about 6 years ago, and after only 2 years I was totally repulsed by the things.

I have tons of tips, would love to be your go-to buddy when you feel really tempted, and/or need advice/to vent. Just email me here: and I'll send you my super-secret email address.

I started from the premise that no craving is going to be stronger than ME. And they only last a few minutes. Get through those minutes by keeping busy doing something good for yourself if you can - don't substitute eating unless it's celery or something :)

Don't panic if you gain weight. Everyone does initially, because your metabolism goes into sort of a tailspin. Just face the fact it's going to take about 3-4 months for your body to get used to NOT having the nicotine in your system even though it only takes a few days for it to be gone.

Drink as much water as you can.

I found what helped me the MOST was when I felt physically icky, I'd google "quitting smoking symptoms" and get into forums of other people going through the same shit. It was like a support group! And nearly everyone was way worse off than me.

Hope this helps!! I'm so proud of you for trying. You won't believe how, once you get on the other side, you will be astounded that you ever smoked.

I promise!!!

OH and most importantly, don't believe people who say it's harder to quit than heroin! Geeez... I really doubt that. I never tried heroin but it really was not THAT hard, in my humble opinion.

Shelley T said...

Luck and commendations!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Thanks all of you!
Chari from Soapbox Blog (listed to the right) e-mailed me with some very useful tips, like staying hydrated, switching my routine, getting exercise, etc.
Now that the weather has started to cool, I may have to start going outside and moving myself around more.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ms. Zip: As a quitter myself, I'll second and third the hydration issue. I drank tons of water, and thought of it as me flushing the nicotine out of my system. Actually, on my first or second full day, I spent most of the day at a hot tub/spa place, soaking. This had two things going for it: 1. Couldn't smoke while in the tub. 2. Helped with my fantasy that all the evil toxins were going to leave my body in one day.

By the end of day one you realize that you can do this. Also, each time I wanted to smoke, I'd think to myself: I already made this decision, I don't have to make it again. I've decided to not smoke.

Treat yourself like a princess.


Karen Zipdrive said...

JillyJew! How the hell are you, honey? It's been forevah!
I like that tub/spa idea.
A few years ago, I took a steam bath and because I was a smoker I almost coughed myself to death in there.
I felt like I was smothering. But maybe a steamy hot bathtub won't be so extreme.

nonnie9999 said...

i quit a 2-pack-a-day (sometimes 3) habit on august 5, 2003. cold turkey, no patches, no drugs, no nothing. i haven't had a ciggie since. that was the 3rd time i quit. the thing that i think helped me the most is that, at that point, i had been dealing with chronic pain for 7 years. i stopped taking pain pills by retraining my brain to interpret pain as "interesting sensations" rather than as something negative. i treated my cravings for a smoke the same way. i rode the wave to see where it would take me, telling myself to treat the entire thing as some kind of experiment and making myself the disinterested onlooker and assessor rather than the one having the cravings. i know, it sounds schizophrenic, and maybe it is. the only other advice i can give you is to do things that make you unable to smoke. for example, make some bread. while your hands are kneading dough, you can't be reaching for a ciggie. take up sculpting or finger-painting or anything else that will make it impossible to grab a smoke. go for a walk, even in the mall if it's too hot during the day. you'll be amazed at how quickly your lungs clear and how each day, you'll be a little less out of breath. buy yourself some new perfume or some new air freshener for the house. it will smell different without smoke mixing in with it. paint your ceiling. it's shocking how much smoke discolors the paint.

best of luck, poopsie. tell yourself how proud you are of yourself each time to resist the urge to light up.

HelenWheels said...

Nonnie - you're amazing. So well said AND well done!! I took the philosophical, experimental approach as well. AND it worked!

I had forgotten about the SCENT thing. And don't forget how your sense of taste improves.

NOt smoking is so fucking wonderful... :)

Lulu Maude said...

Stick walking into your day. It's simple and non-exhausting (unless it's 115 outside) and very portable. Let those endorphins kick in.

Love the spa idea.

Best o' luck, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen:
Rooting for you for Day 2. Don't forget, if you make it through today, tomorrow will be waaaaaay easier.


Distributorcap said...

i have the economy sized valium if you need

Karen Zipdrive said...

Express Mail immediately!!!!