Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Puzzling Coincidence?

After a record hot summer and a drought that sent San Antonio into Phase I water restrictions, I stopped smoking and it's been either rainy or overcast ever since.
This coming weekend, I'm having people over to help me dispose of the garage I recently had demolished, sort of like a reverse barn raising.
I am dreading the weather on Saturday--scattered thunderstorms are predicted, or maybe just a lot of suffocating humidity.
I'm pretty sure if I started smoking again the skies might get clearer and the humidity levels might drop, but I have a feeling I'm alone in that near-certainty.
Yesterday may as well have been called stressterday. Too many worries that a husband or butch girlfriend should have had to deal with.
I came thisclose to smoking, but an hilarious phone call with my bloggy pal Helen Wheels distracted me long enough to get past the craving.
Today is a new day.
A new, cloudy day.


okjimm said...

Yuppers.... and I get this feeling that if I quite it will be a record cold and snowy winter.

I keep smoking. I feel like it is a civic duty. Just thinking of everyone else.

Iain said...

You're not alone, Karen. From now on, I'm blaming all global warming / climate change / more rain than usual on non-smokers like you and me. The deniers just don't like the truth!

bigsis said...

The rain saved our state from ruin, so your not smoking is a good thing for all of us. Thank you.

Karen Zipdrive said...

You're welcome.